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Waves & DiGiCo Add Flexibility, Real-Time Mixing to SoundGrid Studio System

Waves and DiGiCo have teamed up to expand their DiGiGrid components with the release of the DiGiGrid IOS interface.

Not surprisingly when two of the most popular companies get together, the resulting collaboration is sure to produce product solutions that help users accomplish their working goals.

This is the exact scenario with the partnership between Waves Audio and DiGiCo that produces the DiGiGrid line of audio products.

Adding to their product line partnership, the companies have recently announced the latest addition to their DiGiGrid line: DigiGrid IOS.

DiGiGrid says the newly announced IOS incorporates eight mic/line inputs with studio-quality preamps, as well as eight line outputs, two headphone outputs, and MIDI, S/PDIF and AES inputs and outputs.

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Engineered to provide users with an all-in-one solution for native DAW users that include Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase and Ableton, IOS powers a variety of plugins to deliver advanced networking, a more efficient workflow and quality preamps.

Waves and DiGiCo add DiGiGrid IOS ships with the SoundGrid Studio System software, StudioRack and the eMotion ST Mixer products to enable users to mix and monitor in real time via their favorite SoundGrid compatible Waves and third-party plugins.

Watch the video below for an introduction to DiGiGrid IOS:

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