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Yamaha UC With Revolabs Video Soundbar Now Shipping

Yamaha UC has announced that it is now shipping its Yamaha CS-700 Video Soundbar to support huddle room communications via Skype for Business and more.

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Yamaha UC With Revolabs Video Soundbar Now Shipping

Yamaha UC, a dedicated department that combines the resources of Yamaha and Revolabs, is now shipping its Yamaha CS-700 video soundbar.

Available in select global regions, the Yamaha CS-700 video soundbar is designed for huddle rooms. Yamaha says the system provides users with an all-in-one wall mounted solution.

“The Yamaha CS-700 has been a highly anticipated solution from our UC customers,” notes Mick Kamihara, chief executive officer, Revolabs.

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“Bringing together the technology expertise of both Yamaha and Revolabs, the CS-700 provides a dedicated UC platform that doesn’t sacrifice on quality and delivers exactly what users and technology managers need to support the growing number of huddle and small meeting room environments. Every communication concern is covered, from the ease of deployment and intuitive end-user operation, to superior audio, video and collaboration capabilities.”

Yamaha CS-700 Video Soundbar Bundles Popular Technologies

Yamaha UC explains CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System is engineered to optimize the audio, video and collaboration experience of users. The wall-mounted system features an adaptive beamforming microphone array to help ensure that conversations are well captured and fully audible to groups.

Four Yamaha speaker elements enable the CS-700’s intelligibility, and the huddle room collaboration system’s video capabilities are supported by an HD camera.

The global electronics manufacturer points out that integrators can connect to the CS-700 through the use of a single USB cable to expedite the connection process. Once connected, the CS-700 supports all of today’s popular UC platforms, including Skype for Business, Cisco Spark, GoToConference, Zoom and many others.

Yamaha adds the plug-and-play approach applied to the functionality of the CS-700 is designed to eliminate complex setup steps that can frustrate users trying to run fast and simple presentations.

Learn more about the new Yamaha UC video soundbar here.