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ClearOne CONVERGENCE AV Network Manager Upgraded to Support BMA 360, More

CONVERGENCE AV Network Manager software supports ClearOne ceiling tile beamforming mic array and thousands more devices and users.

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ClearOne CONVERGENCE AV Network Manager Upgraded to Support BMA 360, More

The CONVERGENCE AV Network Manager software from ClearOne now supports the company’s new ceiling tile beamforming microphone Array, the BMA 360.

In addition, CONVERGENCE has been upgraded “to increase its database connection pool to an effectively unlimited number of ClearOne devices and users on a single network,” according to the company announcement.

CONVERGENCE software is “a unified AV network management platform to monitor, control, and audit ClearOne professional audio and video products and services,” the company announcement says.

Remote real-time system access “provides at-a-glance and all-inclusive dashboard views with unlimited scalability designed to support organizations of any size,” according to the ClearOne announcement.

The CONVERGENCE user interface “works on any browser from desktop to mobile, keeping administrators up to date with email status notifications and the ability to search, sort, and filter to find what is needed quickly,” the company announcement says.

More About CONVERGENCE AV Network Manager

CONVERGENCE now supports the ClearOne BMA 360 beamforming microphone array ceiling tile, a wideband, frequency invariant beamforming mic array with uniform gain response across all frequency bands.

FiBeam technology “gives users the ultimate in natural and full fidelity audio across all beams and within a single beam,” according to the ClearOne announcement.

Deep sidelobe beamforming, DsBeam, provides sidelobe depth, below -40 dB, resulting in “superior rejection of reverb and noise in difficult spaces for superb clarity and intelligibility,” the company announcement says.

The increased database connection pool capacity in the latest release of CONVERGENCE now supports even the largest enterprises by managing a virtually unlimited number of devices and users.

Other new features include support for the latest CONSOLE AI configuration project files — the smart way to design a CONVERGE Pro Audio system with Audio Intelligence built-in — and the latest firmware updates for both CONVERGE Pro 2 and CONVERGE Huddle DSP mixers.

ClearOne will continue to introduce new feature updates to the CONVERGENCE platform.

Click here for more details about CONVERGENCE or to download the software.

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