Here’s Why Cleerline’s SSF Professional Fiber Termination Kits Won a BEST Award

Cleerline’s SSF Basic and SSF Professional Fiber Termination Kits won a BEST award – here’s what separated them from others in the category.

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Our yearly conglomeration of the most outstanding products and services impacting the commercial integration industry recently shed light on 40 top products, and Cleerline’s SSF Basic and SSF Professional Fiber Termination Kits made the cut in the Installation Tools & Testers category for multiple reasons.

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The SSF Basic and SSF Professional Fiber Termination Kits include high-precision wheel cleavers, fiber strippers, Aramid scissors, visual fault locators, and convenient carrying and storage cases.

More from Cleerline on their SSF Fiber Termination Kits:

The included high precision wheel cleaver produces extremely accurate cleaves and includes a universal cable holder to accommodate all fibers from 250μm up to 3.0mm. Work efficiency is maximized with the cleaver’s automatic collector for fiber shards and off cuts. The blade provides up to 48,000 cleaves via an easy blade position selection. A verification fault locator allows for visible laser light to be used during the termination process. With the move to fiber to be placed into every installation and Cleerline’s SSF – Stronger, Safer, Faster cabling solutions paving the way, these new kits break the barrier to entry and allow every technician to be able to terminate fiber in a minute or less.

A neutral panel of experts chose the SSF Fiber Termination kits from others in its category for the following key reasons:

  • SSF termination kits allow for extremely fast termination time, literally in a minute or less with the same level of training as learning to terminate a CAT6 jack
  • Data speeds required for video, communication, and network are increasing by the day and fiber optic cable is the only available solutions that can provide the bandwidth to transmit the required signal speeds.

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