How AV Integrators Can Take Advantage of Digital Adoption

As companies and institutions consider digital adoption, AV integrators should be licking their chops as digital advances bring new opportunities.

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How AV Integrators Can Take Advantage of Digital Adoption

It’s 2019, and if you haven’t realized that your business needs to become more digital, you’re probably falling behind.

According to Lucas Miller, Founder and CEO of Echelon Copy, digital adoption — discovering how integrating the most current technology can help grow a business — is akin to when mankind discovered the lever.

For AV integrators, that means more contracts, more projects and more opportunity to be the managed AV service provider for some very large companies.

As modern businesses scale up by adopting new technologies, systems integrators should think about how they can help companies adopt new technologies to increase their bottom line and be more efficient.

According to Miller, companies looking to fully leverage their new technologies should do so in a manner that uses that technology to work more efficiently.

Integrators can serve that need in a variety of ways, including:

  • Video conferencing systems that allow for interoffice communication and reduce travel expenses
  • Physical security systems that can automate a campus’ security system and reduce headcount
  • Message boards and digital signage that can help marketing directors spread an organization’s message

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Miller says the end goal of digital adoption should lead to a better customer and employee experience. He uses Disney as an example, which introduced the MyMagic+ app, which brought several new features to the park that gives visitors a more interactive experience at the park.

“Their name appears on screens when they are in the vicinity,” Miller says. “Photos taken on rides show up on their app.” That sounds like the work of an AV integrator.

Other examples of how AV can enhance a customer experience include:

Utilizing those technologies in an efficient way can help businesses scale up and free up employees for other projects. If AV integrators want to meet the growing digital needs of the corporate world, they should think about how their technology can help make businesses more efficient.

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