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Drone Volt Appoints Stampede Distributor of Service Drones Line

Drone Volt brings service drones to security, agriculture, construction, mapping, mining and other installations, now with help from Stampede.

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Drone Volt is partnering with Stampede to bring its unique line of service drones to the Americas.

Stampede has been appointed to to distribute Drone Volt’s service drones throughout the Americas, according to Stampede president and COO Kevin Kelly.

“Drones continue to become a vitally important part of a complete solution in a growing number of vertical markets,” said Kelly in a press release announcing the agreement. “Drone Volt’s award-winning line of service drones is being used in in many of these markets, including security, law enforcement, topography and mapping, among others.

“As they expand their marketing focus from Europe to the Americas, we will help them achieve all of their long-term growth objectives by providing them with the sales, training, and customer service support they need to make their product line a mainstay of our resellers’ portfolio of offerings,” he said.

Stampede introduced the Drone Pavillion at InfoComm 2015 and Kelly has high hopes the so-called drone video systems will become major factors in AV installations, particularly at large warehouses and other areas where it’s not as feasible for humans to roam to see what’s happening.

Drone Volt Leads the Way with Service Drones

Drone Volt is “the market leader in the manufacturing and sales of service drones,” according to the announcement. Service drones are used in many vertical markets, including security, agriculture, cinematography, architecture, construction, mapping, mining and more.

Many AV integrators have been slow to incorporate drones in their installations, but Kelly remains confident there is a strong future for drones in the space.

Drone Volt’s offerings include the Hercules 5 UF, which comes equipped with a zoom stabilized and night vision-enabled camera for security purposes; the Hercules 10, which features a powerful high pressure nozzle for surface cleaning and site inspection; and the Janus 360, the first drone dedicated to virtual reality.

Each model comes equipped with 10 4K cameras for 360-degree video for creating virtual tours and panoramas. Drone Volt also offers a wide range of solutions for broadcast applications, from electronic stabilizers to flying platforms.

“The market demand for service drones is growing and expanding at a dramatic rate around the world and is even outpacing the overall drone industry growth,” said Daniel Roe, executive VP of sales and marketing at Drone Volt USA. “This partnership is a great opportunity for us to expand our drone business in the most important territory in the world.”

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