Exterity Proud of AV-over-IP Leadership at InfoComm 2017

IT distribution company Exterity says it has 15-year head start on those who are adopting AV-over-IP as next big thing at InfoComm 2017.

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Exterity Proud of AV-over-IP Leadership at InfoComm 2017

Exterity CEO Colin Farquhar has seen and heard the hysteria from others in the industry heading into InfoComm 2017 about the idea of sending large amounts of content from point to point with little to no compression without using a matrix switch: AV-over-IP has been previously painted as a siren’s call.

As each new story has come forward about this revolutionary new process for data transmission, Farquhar couldn’t help but sit back with some level of satisfaction and smile, knowing his company has been involved in this long before it ever had such a catchy name and attracted so many competitors.

“For the past 15 years, we’ve been delivering products that deliver AV-over-IP,” says Farquhar. “This isn’t new, but I’m very pleased to see more of the market take up the cause. When I see what’s going on [with AV-over-IP], I think of us being the pioneers in that space.”

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Challenges with AV-over-IP have long been, and continue to be, related to security and multi-casting of content to a variety of end points, along with it simply not working the way it should. These are challenges Exterity has faced for a while now, says Farquhar, and they understand how to overcome.

“More end users and integrators are thinking about [AV-over-IP] now,” he says. “When that happens, the more noble applications we’ll see it being used for and the more the market engages.”

Farquahar calls InfoComm 2017 “a really important show for us,” where the company plans to demonstrate (booth 861) new capabilities and functionality of its ArtioSign digital signage platform, which integrated with IPTV and now has web content integration capabilities, along with rendering of dashboards and a new user management mechanism that allows rights assignments.

Exterity is now shipping a new range of HDMI encoders and its Avedia media players, which the company announced at ISE 2017 in February. The media players present “an extension to our capabilities” with IP video distribution, says Farquhar.