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New Inneos InivisiCable HDMI Cabling Disappears from Sight to Neaten Your In-Room or Through-Wall Applications

Built to deliver connectivity needed to view 4K with HDR, the new Inneos InvisiCable HDMI cabling can be run in walls or within rooms.

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New Inneos InivisiCable HDMI Cabling Disappears from Sight to Neaten Your In-Room or Through-Wall Applications

The use of HDMI cabling is becoming more common as bandwidth demands increase. The new Inneos InvisiCable is engineered to provide integrators with a robust HDMI 2.0 fiber cable product that discreetly installs into walls or invisibly into interior spaces.

Inneos InvisiCable is a complete HDMI 2.0 fiber cable solution that employs its Real4K optical adapters, along with translucent SSF optical fiber that is so thin it is capable of disappearing in home or office environments.

“The promise of video over fiber is not just about incredible bandwidth over longer distances,” states Todd Whitaker, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Inneos. “It’s about making big ugly HDMI cable messes simply disappear.”

Designed to support today’s state-of-the-art A/V formats, the 18Gbps fiber cabling solution is capable of transmitting true, uncompressed 4K UltraHD content, as well as other formats such as high dynamic range (HDR) 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, high refresh rates, object-based surround sound including Dolby Atmos, and future formats.

Inneos InvisiCable Turnkey HDMI Cabling Installs Anywhere

Available as an in-room or in-wall HDMI cabling connectivity kit, the InvisiCable fiber HDMI 2.0 cabling product is difficult to recognize in an interior space from as close as 6 feet.

Inneos says the InvisiCable simplifies cabling connections between displays and source devices. The in-room version comes with 75 feet of InvisiCable on a “magic disk” that fits in installers’ hands.

The in-wall version of InvisiCable was developed to provide integrators with an in-wall product that connects source components and displays that are longer distances apart.

Inneos points out the in-wall product employs the InVisiCable fiber for interior cabling runs to connect to wall plates, along with heavy duty fiber for cabling runs inside walls. The in-wall InvisiCable version also comes with a pair of 10-foot fiber cables, two optical wall plates, and 100 feet of in-wall fiber cable.

The fiber HDMI cabling is pre-terminated to enable simple connections to its Real4K optical adapters.

The MSRP for the Inneos InvisiCable In Room solution is $799. The MSRP for the InvisiCable Through Wall solution is $899. Learn more here.

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