Renkus-Heinz to Present Multiple Solutions at InfoComm 2023

At InfoComm 2023, Renkus-Heinz will exhibit various audio solutions along with its digitally steerable arrays and all-new software tool.

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Renkus-Heinz to Present Multiple Solutions at InfoComm 2023

Renkus-Heinz announced that InfoComm 2023 attendees will have the opportunity to experience The Sound Solution in person at booth #5645 and demo room W221DE. Here, the company will exhibit various systems, including the UBX Series of passive column loudspeakers. In addition, Renkus-Heinz will spotlight the ICLive X Series of digitally steerable arrays and an all-new software tool that revolutionizes the entire Renkus-Heinz steerable product line.

Attendees at InfoComm 2023 will also have the opportunity to hear Renkus-Heinz C Series in action. For this, Amadeus Acoustics will perform an immersive sound demonstration with Renkus-Heinz C Series C121M loudspeakers at the beginning of each demo hour.

Members of the Renkus-Heinz team, including president Monika Smetona, CTO Ralph Heinz and many more, will be on the floor. Per a statement, they will answer any questions about the company’s latest projects and developments.

“This InfoComm, we’re bringing our best lineup of products along with an all-new approach to our renowned beam-steering technology,” says Smetona. “InfoComm is a wonderful opportunity to share our past year’s progress and achievements. We look forward to connecting with our new and existing partners in Orlando.”

The following products from Renkus-Heinz will be on display at InfoComm 2023:

UBX Series

The UBX Series brings Renkus-Heinz’s sound quality and coverage into the realm of passive arrays. As a result, it brings more opportunities for AV contractors, consultants and sound system engineers to craft an ideal sound solution for their projects. The UBX series employs the same complex steering algorithms as Renkus-Heinz’s flagship ICONYX columns. With this, its new Passive UniBeam Technology delivers pristine sound and consistent coverage with minimal distortions or side-lobe artifacts.

The UBX Series hardware also addresses each transducer with specially designed all-pass filter networks, gain shading and frequency filtering. With this, it generates a downward steered asymmetrical vertical lobe with constant directivity. This then results in wide-range coverage and speech intelligibility from the front of the room to the back.

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According to Renkus-Heinz the UBX Series is available in three weather-resistant sizes — UBX4, UBX8 and UBX16. All models also feature an ultra-sleek, unobtrusive cabinet that can be surface-mounted plumb to the wall. This helps ensure minimal architectural intrusion in any space.

ICLive X Series

According to Renkus-Heinz, its ICLive X Series is one of the most versatile steerable line array on the market. It helps address even the most challenging projects with directed, intelligible sound. As the intelligent evolution of the small-format line array, the ICLive X Series represents over 15 years of research and development of digital beam-steering technology. With the ICLive X Series, Renkus-Heinz says it created a compact, high-output and high-fidelity integrated system. The solution thus helps meet the needs of nearly any live sound environment. As a result, it is suitable for both, portable or performance-based fixed installations.

The team designed ICLive X from the ground up to be the single most scalable sound system ever created. It come with ultimate flexibility, coverage and powerful beam-steering technology, says Renkus Heinz. The ICLive X Series thus offers peak sound performance in a versatile, sleek design. Each mid-sized ICLX module can stand alone. Or it can be arrayed with up to 12 units to deliver precise and predictable coverage for any venue. The complementary ICLX-118S subwoofer adds powerful low-frequency energy to any ICLive X system. A wide range of rigging and cabling accessories help simplify integration and deployment of the ICLive X Series.

ICONYX Gen5 Series

As part of the ICONYX Gen5 Series of digitally steerable loudspeaker arrays, the IC8-RD combines digital control and steering with exceptional audio fidelity. It also comes with a slim, low-profile design and powerful audio abilities. The IC8-RD is thus ideal for houses of worship, stadiums and arenas, transportation terminals and other reverberant spaces. This model also features dual redundant Dante connectivity and the RHAON II System Manager, the second generation of the Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network software. With this, it brings a new level of flexibility and control to ICONYX installations. The IC8-RD also easily stores and recalls up to 10 configuration presets.

ICLive Gen5 Series

According to Renkus-Heinz, its ICLive Gen5 Series takes the control and flexibility of ICONYX and scales it up to a higher output solution ideally suited for worship spaces, live music and theatrical environments.

The introduction of Generation 5 technology brings improved performance and speed of operation. At the same time, it also increases potential output and reduces cost. Additionally, individual driver control means unsurpassed vertical pattern control which is essential for delivering intelligible speech in reverberant spaces.

Iconyx Compact Series

The Iconyx Compact Series brings the performance and directivity synonymous with Renkus-Heinz to spaces where even the classic ICONYX arrays might be too large. It features an ultra-narrow profile and exceptional directivity control. The Iconyx Compact is thus well-suited to even the most architecturally sensitive houses of worship, transportation hubs and educational facilities requiring the outstanding performance and high intelligibility of beam-steered line arrays.

C Series

Renkus-Heinz states that its C Series point source loudspeakers offer outstanding audio quality at a competitive, cost-effective price. The C series features versatile enclosure designs, go-anywhere hardware and rugged construction to help solve any sound reinforcement challenges with ease. Thus, it is a suitable option for retail, corporate and education facilities, churches, theaters and other applications requiring both compact size and outstanding sonic performance.

The CA/CX121M 12-inch stage monitor is an excellent choice for portable and installed PA functions. The CA/CX121M offers flexibility as a pole-mounted side fill or a sound reinforcement system. It also removes the need for drive unit rotation or reconfiguration. The monitors are available in a passive and three powered models: analog, RHAON and Dante.

S Series

The S Series features the SA/SX28, a highly compact yet powerful subwoofer that allows for flexible and discreet placement in a variety of install and portable scenarios. It is a suitable under-seat subwoofer for houses of worship, theaters and other installations where aesthetics are of utmost importance.

In addition to being on the floor at InfoComm 2023, Renkus-Heinz will host the 30th Annual Consultants Breakfast on June 15 from 7 am to 9 am. Featured speakers of the event are Stefan Feistel, PhD, managing director of AFMG and Fabio Kaiser, CEO of Amadeus Active Acoustics.

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