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Shure Announces ShurePlus Motiv Video Recording App

With ShurePlus Motiv video recording app, content creators can capture video with flawless audio for the applications of their choice.

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Shure recently announced the new ShurePlus Motiv Video, a free mobile app “designed to integrate the excellent audio performance of the Motiv product line with video camera functionality, enabling content creators to visually capture important moments without sacrificing audio quality,” according to a press release.

The iOS Shure application “combines pristine audio and video capture with integrated Motiv microphone control to deliver an intuitive, centralized video application with superior audio,” according to the Shure announcement.

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Intended for iOS content creators, including mobile journalists, recording musicians, vloggers and podcasters, the ShurePlus Motiv app “offers on-screen audio metering, improved, uncompressed audio and integrated controls to adjust gain and view audio waveform,” according to the Shure press release.

More information about the ShurePlus Motiv video Shure app:

“With the exponential growth of video sharing and recording across digital, mobile, and social media platforms, capturing professional quality audio for video is of the utmost importance,” said Paul Crognale, manager of global marketing for musician and consumer audio at Shure.

“Whether it’s a mobile journalist conducting breaking news interviews in the field, or vloggers capturing video of a concert, sound quality is critical, and the standard iOS video Shure app rarely offers desirable audio clarity. By offering uncompressed audio through ShurePlus Motiv Video, we’re able to closely represent the original audio source and vastly outperform iOS video recordings,” says Crognale.

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The ShurePlus Motiv video app enables the recording of seamless, clear audio, no matter the occasion. Additionally, the app features in-app gain control for moment-to-moment adjustments, on-screen metering for continual audio quality maintenance, and standard video controls for integrated management of visual display.

To further enhance the app’s ease of use, individuals will no longer have to switch between the iOS video app and ShurePlus Motiv Audio to make changes to the Motiv microphone settings and view metering and waveform. Integrated control of audio and video enables customers to record high-quality audio simply by pressing a button.

Ideal for content creators with low budgets, the free application offers simple solutions for everyday technical issues that arise with mobile iOS recording, and functions with and without the use of Shure’s Motiv line of microphones. The ShurePlus Motiv video app joins the ShurePlus Motiv recording app in the ShurePlus line of mobile recording applications.

Click here for more information about the Shure ShurePlus Motiv Video app.