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PPDS Debuts 3500 nits Models in Philips 7000 L-Line Series

The latest models in PPDS’ 7000 Series L-Line dvLED displays are its most energy efficient and cost-effective to date.

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PPDS Debuts 3500 nits Models in Philips 7000 L-Line Series

PPDS, the global provider of Philips professional display and solutions, announced new and powerful additions to its Philips 7000 L-Line Series 4K direct view LED. The brand new panels come with 3500 nits higher brightness range, improved design and performance, as well as a more energy efficient LED solution. The panels will be applicable to a range of settings, including retail and public venues, says the company.

The latest evolutions of the bezel-free Philips 7000 Series will be unveiled and on display for the first time at ISE 2022. According to PPDS, it is the most complete, scalable and energy efficient dvLED displays to date. It combines the latest advancements and innovations for hardware design and intelligent software to support eye-catching installations.

Per a statement, the BDL7424L Philips L-Line models are available in 22-, 31- and 41-inch size variants and designed for 24/7 operation. It also come equipped with 3500 nits higher brightness capabilities. This guarantees clear 4K performance that is viewable and readable in most challenging lighting conditions, including direct sunlight behind glass, such as shop window displays.

Perfection Through Precision

Person with shopping bags walking past a 41-inch LED panel videowall. On the videowall is a mock ad for sunglasses.PPDS adds that the new models complement the existing Philips L-Line 7000 series which first debuted in 2020. Moreover, it can fulfil ambitious and challenging display designs. It also cater to installations of any shape or size, whether it’s a few panels or more than 1,000.

The Philips L-Line 7000 Series LED panels also benefit from PPDS’ patented easy mount brackets for fast and effortless installations. It is also available with a height of 25 cm and a choice of 50 cm, 75 cm and 100 cm widths. Each panel is available in standard flat or with sloping bevelled corners (for L-shape cornering and curvature, 90-180 degrees) and in both convex and concave format options for curved designs. Thus, customers can mix and match panels to suit their imaginations.

Jeroen Brants, global product manager LED Displays at PPDS, comments, “The modular design of Philips LED panels means they can adapt to any space, whether a traditional flat display, or a vast, mesmerizing masterpiece of digital art, flowing seamlessly around doorways and other openings. Even corners and curved displays in very bright areas become easy to create with the new Philips L-Line 7000 series. These 3500 nits high bright LED panels are perfect for attracting attention in large, busy areas that are subject to high ambient light.”

Predictive Maintenance

The Philips L-Line 7000 Series also features PPDS’ advanced online and offline Active Health Monitoring software. This helps provide intelligent real time feedback of any identified, or predicted faults which can impact performance. Thus, users can be address them immediately or, where possible, before they happen. PPDS cites this as a must for display owners with many geographical locations. Here, the alerts display the exact item of failure (down to a single pixel) and location.

Additionally, all Philips LED panels are IP30 rated and certified, featuring resistant conformal coating to protect against indoor pollutants. These include dust, dirt, fungus and moisture. Per a statement, this will reduce the chances of short circuit, while their front facing maintenance design removes lengthy de- and re-installations should any faults occur. PPDS reveals that it designed the Philips L-Line 7000 series to slow down the spread of flames in the event of fire. This helped achieve the crucial fire retardancy certification for North America, EMEA, APAC regions (BS476, UL94, B1 DIN4102).

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Dynamic Power Saving

Philips 7000 L-Line 21-inch panels arranged in a curved videowall in a supermarket. On the videowall is a display of fresh fruits.PPDS reinforces its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Thus, the Philips L-Line 7000 series features PPDS ‘Dynamic Power Saving’ technology. This minimizes power consumption by up to 20% compared to other comparable market models, says the company. It also does not compromise on quality or performance. Thus, it not only reduces environmental impact, but also lowers operating costs for a reduced total cost of ownership.

For perfect presentation, all units come with built-in cable wiring, keeping power and data cables tidy. Meanwhile, the display cabinets are daisy-chained for both power and data to minimize clutter and speed up installation. PPDS also calibrates each display in its factory ahead of dispatch. Thus, it requires no further calibration on location. This significantly reduces installation times on site and inconvenience to the end users.

Martijn van der Woude, director international business development at PPDS, expands on the new models and notes, “Whether it’s wowing customers in (or outside) of a retail store, creating a positive first impression in a corporate office’s reception area, or providing perfectly visible travel information — up close or further afar — the Philips L-Line 7000 series is only challenged by the constraints of imagination.”

Brants adds, “In 2020, PPDS changed the game for LED installations with the launch of our Philips LED 7000 Series. [It challenged] the limitations brought to market by our competitors.” He then states that the solution continues to surpass expectations for even the most creative and imaginative installations. Brants remarks that PPDS is excited to showcase the new products at ISE 2022. According to him, the displays raised the bar to complement the existing range and will bring flexibility and power to meet all challenges.

Features at a Glance

The new Philips 7000 Series models include the following:

  • 3500 nit brightness: High-brightness LED ensures that content is always visible in both indoor and outdoor environments. Use the bezel-free design to create a clean look or fit into a custom installation for protective or branding purposes.
  • Versatile sizing: Philips L-Line 7000 Series LED cabinets come in various sizes. Customers can thus install these displays in any landscape format with no limitations to size. Also available with beveled corners to form curved videowall designs.
  • Dynamic Panel Connect: Mix and match each of the Philips L-Line 7000 LED panel sizes to form a single display of any shape and dimension. Dynamic flexible alignment pins ensure a perfect fit in any circumstance. This results in a smooth, seamless display surface. For added convenience and efficiency, each LED panel features openings on each side to allow for versatile wired connection between the LED panels and any external input connection.
  • Unique in every way: Create bezel-free display walls of any shape, size or resolution. The modular design of Philips professional LED cabinets means it can adapt to any space. Build vast, immersive installations or assemble intriguing patterns. Easily create videowalls that flow seamlessly around doorways and other openings. Even corners and curved displays become easy to create with the new Philips 7000 series.

Safety Features

  • Active Health Monitoring: Active Health Monitoring makes maintenance fast and simple by displaying the exact location of a failure occurrence. Using this real-time software, replacing the relevant part becomes an efficient procedure.
  • Factory calibrated: Every Philips L-Line LED panel is calibrated in the factory under required circumstances. Thus, it requires no further calibration on location, resulting in quicker installations. Calibration and configuration files are also available to ensure fast maintenance.
  • IP30 rated conformal coating: Dust, dirt, fungus and moisture resistant conformal coating protects and enables easier maintenance. It is IP30 rated and certified against ingress for reduced chance of short circuit.
  • Fire retardant: Fire retardant design slows down the spread of flames in the event of fire. Tested and certified with British standard (BS476-7). In addition, the standard brightness P1.9 and P2.4 models are tested and certified with B1 DIN4102 and UL94.
  • Optional easy-mount brackets: The patented easy-mount brackets make installation even faster. These optional items are available for flat LED mounting, convex curved (177.5/175/172.5 degree), and L-shape 90 degree corners.
  • Low power consumption: Philips 7000 Series LED displays designs minimize power consumption. This will not only reduce environmental impact but also lower operating costs.

Martijn concludes, “With the Philips Line 7000 Series, we’re providing the tools and capabilities to empower and facilitate end customers in creating truly unique and breath-taking display creations that redefine audience engagement.”

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