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ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2V2 Panels Help Create Stunning XR Stage in Shanghai

The Mushang XR Stage utilizes ROE Visual Black Pearl panels to create stunning-lifelike visuals to meet the advertising firms’ client needs.

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Shanghai-based MuShang Advertising Co., Ltd. has developed a stunning XR studio space in Shanghai with the help of ROE Visual and other cutting-edge technology providers. The advertising company is dedicated to enhancing customer experiences in advertising, photography, film and television production, etc. With over ten years of experience in those areas, the company has built solid relationships with clients, offering production solutions to satisfy their needs and to attain marketing goals.

MuShang utilized ROE Visual Black Pearl panels, Brompton Technology LED processing, Mark Roberts Motion Control cinebots, Unreal Engine, and disguise media server hardware. The stage enables creative and high-quality virtual production content, bringing lifelike visuals and unforgettable experiences.

The MUSHANG XR STAGE marks a further step forward in the virtual production area, says ROE Visual. The stage utilizes a large LED canvas composed of ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2V2 panels driven by two Brompton 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors. Disguise vx4, vx2, and rxII servers running Unreal Engine are also part of the setup, with Mark Roberts Motion Control high-speed cinebots completing the array of production equipment.

The high frame- and refresh rates and low scan lines make the BP2V2 LEDs perfect for this application, says ROE Visual. The main wall measures 5-meters high by 12-meters wide and delivers stunning visuals and excellent in-camera performance.

“With the increasing use of virtual production technology worldwide, we also see a growing demand in Shanghai. We want to provide the best possible technology to facilitate content production in our region,” states Henry Sha, the founder of Shanghai MuShang Ad Co., Ltd. Sha says the Black Pearl BP2V2 was the perfect choice for his TV & Film projects at the studio, as the LED panels deliver aesthetic visuals matching his clients’ high expectations.

Grace Kuo, sales director of ROE Visual says, “Bringing our LED innovations to the MUSHANG XR STAGE offers a great chance for us to support the development of virtual production in Shanghai. It’s such an exciting experience to take part in this advanced setup. We can’t wait to see more future projects shot on the stage.”