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SNA Displays Brings Another LED Display to Manhattan Street Corner

A new multi-screen LED display system from SNA Displays wrap a 34-story commercial building at a Manhattan restaurant.

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SNA Displays Brings Another LED Display to Manhattan Street Corner

A new multi-screen LED display system from SNA Displays has been installed at the new Yard House Restaurant in Manhattan that wrap a 34-story commercial building in displays.

The system, developed by SNA Displays, includes four separate LED screens, a ticker along 41st St, a large-format corner display, a ticker down 7th Avenue, and an all-LED sign that projects over the restaurant’s entrance, creating content convergence in all directions at the intersection.

According to SNA Displays, the main corner display measures 24 feet by 67 feet wide, and the four screens consist of 1.9 million pixels, varying more than 2,000 square feet of digital signage canvas. Each display employs a pixel pitch of 10 mm with carrying resolutions.

Nicole Rotyliano, a project manager for SNA Displays, said the screens are oriented so that people coming form all directions can see the displays from several blocks away.

The installation team ran into one big challenge: sequencing the displays to align the existing ticker with the new ticker along 41st Street and wrap the building with LED displays down 7th Avenue while maintaining a strict 1/4 tolerance to allow for sufficient movement.

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“With an ambitious design that incorporated nine individual sign faces all connected at 90-degree angles, the Yard House display presented our team of structural engineers and installers with a unique and exciting challenge,” Rotyliano said in a statement.

The company completed a similar installation just one block away in 2017, which included a large corner LED display and LED tickers that extended in both directions along the building.

For both installations, SNA Displays worked with Sensory Interactive for design, technology selection, bidding and project management. Sensory Interactive also worked with building owner L.H. Charney Associates to create a strategy for sharing the display’s costs and time between the owner and Yard House.

The Sensory Interactive team also then represented L.H. Charney to secure a long-term media sales agreement with Foxpoint Media for share of the display time.

AMA Sign & Electric and Landmark Signs & Electric Maintenance also helped install the displays.