SNA Displays Provides Interactive Showcases for Emerson Automation Solutions Facility

Emerson Automation Solutions outfitted two rooms in its Houston facility with SNA Displays’ LED display systems for an interactive showcase.

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SNA Displays Provides Interactive Showcases for Emerson Automation Solutions Facility
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Missouri-based Emerson Automation Solutions recently added a pair of experiential LED display systems from N.Y.-based SNA Dislays to its Rogerdale facility in west Houston. For this, Emerson hired audiovisual solutions company AVI Systems to design and manage installation of the new high-end video display systems. The new systems replaced an outdated LCD and rear-screen projection setup. Emerson’s new visual technology will thus serve as high-tech, interactive digital showcases for customers and other visitors to the facility.

Emerson is a global technology, software and engineering company that provides various solutions for customers in industrial, commercial and residential markets.

Installation at Immersive Theater

The first LED display system replaced aging LCDs in the building’s Immersive Theater. The new setup includes three adjacent videowalls set at 90-degree angles to create a highly immersive viewer experience. Each BRILLIANT Interior LED display also employs an extremely tight 1.04 mm pixel pitch for ultra-high resolution. The Immersive Theater now features an interactive touch-panel table equipped with MultiTaction software. This software allows users to share presentations to the large LED wall.

The 7-foot-tall screens wrap around the room which is approximately 31 feet 6 inches long. With a resolution of 2,160 x 9,216, the new interactive videowalls also include just under 20 million total pixels.

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“The processing and control systems used on these displays make this interface user-friendly while providing a dynamic interface,” says Mark Warren, executive account manager for AVI Systems. “Thank you to the AVI Systems team and partners that worked countless overtime hours to see this through.”

AVI Systems designs, integrates and services various types of audiovisual systems. The company also has a large global footprint of audiovisual, unified collaboration, digital media and managed services technology.

Upgrading the Solutions Center

The second direct-view LED is part of the Solutions Center and replaced a videowall of aging 70-inch rear-screen-projection monitors. The new wall is now located next to the Immersive Theater. It is 7 feet, 4 inches tall and 26 feet 3 inches long, and has a slight concave curve. Powered by VuWall and a Crestron control system, the BRILLIANT Interior display features a 1.25 mm pixel pitch. With a resolution of 1,800 x 6,400, the screen contains more than 11.5 million pixels.

According to SNA Displays, both of Emerson’s new LED display systems also include PTZ HD cameras and Cisco video teleconference capabilities.

“As fine-pitch direct-view LEDs are becoming increasingly cost effective, more of our clients are able to enjoy the crisp, clear images they offer,” adds Tony Kaiser, project manager for SNA Displays. “It’s rewarding to put extensive engineering resources to use for custom-designed video display systems that really stand out. What Emerson has created here is a great example of how solid design and high-end hardware can truly transform a space.”

Additionally, Anaheim, Calif.-based RP Visual Solutions provided mounting systems for the project, including custom floor stands for both display systems.

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