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Haivision Launches the First End-to-End Enterprise Video Platform for Corporate Live Event Streaming

Haivision Media Platform helps companies organize, manage and share secure and high quality live and on-demand video on any screen, globally.

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With the Haivision Media Platform, organizations can distribute IPTV, live and on-demand video content and record multiple sources for research.

Haivision has launched its Haivision Media Platform, bringing enterprises the industry’s first endtoend solution for corporate live event streaming, IPTV and team collaboration.

According to the company’s announcement, the Haivision Media Platform is the only enterprise video solution that combines the ability to reach global audiences, to centrally manage screens of any kind, and to aggregate video workflows from any location over any network.

The Haivision Media Platform is available in three editions, each tailored for unique corporate applications:

  • All Hands and Internal Live Events: The Haivision Media Platform Enterprise Edition is designed for multisite organizations that want to reach every employee globally with a harmonized media experience for live events and on-demand content.
  • IPTV and Live Corporate Content: The Haivision Media Platform Site Edition is ideal for centrally managing and distributing IPTV with live and on-demand corporate content to every screen within a facility, including auditoriums, lobbies, break rooms and conference areas.
  • Team Collaboration: The Haivision Media Platform Workgroup Edition helps research teams record, analyze and review multiple video sources for all kinds of research including usability testing, focus groups, skills assessment, simulations, event analysis, training and education.

The Haivision Media Platform is the only enterprise video solution that provides enterprises with:

  • EndtoEnd Enterprise Video Workflow: Haivision’s solution delivers low latency live video workflows from the source to the viewer. This comprehensive solution spans Haivision encoders, third-party digital television headends, the Haivision eCDN, all the way through to browsers, Haivision Play mobile applications and centrally managed set-top boxes.
  • Hybrid Premise/Cloud and eCDN: Haivision’s very simplified approach leverages on-premise, cloud and hybrid video distribution options to fit any organization’s unique network infrastructure.
  • Administrative Control and Group Viewing: The Haivision Media Platform is the only enterprise video solution that tailors the media experience for every viewer and also provides centralized management of displays for public areas and group viewing.
  • Remote Contribution: Haivision Media Platform helps organizations easily stream live presentations and events from virtually anywhere thanks to Haivision’s SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) technology. With just an Internet connection, organizations can broadcast a secure, high quality, low latency live event from any remote office, conference room or off-site location.
  • EndtoEnd Security: AES 128/256 encryption and support for Active Directory, LDAP and SSO ensures that employees only have access to the videos they need and content is protected from unauthorized viewing, copying and redistribution.

More from Haivision’s press release:

“The Haivision Media Platform is founded on proven technology and has been designed for usability, ease of deployment and administrative control,” said Peter Maag, Haivision’s chief marketing officer. “The Haivision Media Platform is unique in scaling with the challenges of the enterprise, offering our clients and partners the framework to address their immediate needs and grow from there.”

Based on technology originally launched under the company’s Calypso brand, the Haivision Media Platform is currently installed within hundreds of organizations, helping people across the world work more efficiently with video for communications, collaboration, training and research.

To learn more, register for the product webinar – Introducing the Haivision Media Platform – on March 2 at 11am ET.

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