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NanoLumens Launches Bright Thinking Content Series

New NanoLumens content series will feature contributions from LED experts across a range of concentrations from engineering to design and ROI strategies.

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NanoLumens, Inc., today announced the launch of a new content series that company officials say is “designed to demystify the complex world of digital signage.”

The NanoLumens Bright Thinking content series “will target audiences ranging in experience from beginners through electrical engineering experts with deep dives into specific topics within the digital display industry,” according to the NanoLumens announcement.

NanoLumens “will explore a wide variety of subjects including future technology, systems design, and returns on investment across key segments,” the company announcement says.

The NanoLumens Bright Thinking content series will feature recurring contributions from industry experts including NanoLumens VP of research and development Jorge Perez-Bravo, NanoLumens chief technology officer Gary Feather and NanoLumens director of special projects Dan Rossborough.

The company intends for the new Bright Thinking content series to “bolster the NanoLumens reputation as a high-volume resource for educational display industry content,” according to the company announcement.

“We’re launching this series because our experts possess a unique level of experience across many verticals,” said NanoLumens senior copywriter Robert Sims, in the company announcement. “While some thought-leadership has been produced no one has been able to stitch together one educational resource with such a wide breadth of information.

“The Bright Thinking series represents a formal commitment by the company to leverage our in-house experts to provide all members of the AV community with the educational resources they need to keep learning, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are,” he said.

In the coming weeks, audiences can keep an eye out for the first few entries to the NanoLumens Bright Thinking content series: Common Cathode Architectures, The Impact of Control Systems on Screen Performance, and How Binning Affects Performance.

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