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KMH Integration Upgrades Video Capabilities at New York Giants Facility

KMH Integration recently updated, custom video capabilities for improved content workflow at the New York Giants facility.

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KMH Integration Upgrades Video Capabilities at New York Giants Facility

As one of the cornerstone franchises in America’s most popular sport, the National Football League’s (NFL) New York Giants own one of the country’s most rabid fanbases.

Helping the iconic NFL team better meet its video needs, which includes its fans’ appetite for streaming content, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company KMH Integration upgraded video capabilities at the New York Giants facility.

Faced with an ever-growing need for content to serve its broadcast and online needs, the New York Giants chose to work with KMH Integration to meet its budget and physical plant requirements.

“Increasing the physical space was not an option,” recalls Kevin Henneman, president, KMH Integration. “So we had to get creative in making this work within the existing confines.”

Video Production Efficiency New York Giants facility

To serve the team’s needs, KMH Integration developed a game plan that included provisions for spatial reorganization and file workflow consolidation.

According to KMH Integration, the plan enables the New York Giants facility to increase its post production capacity by 50 percent. The plan called for KMH to add higher density equipment that maximizes the productivity of the existing space.

KMH points out the Giants also wanted to improve its production control room workflow. KMH’s staff designed and built an audio control booth to provide better acoustical isolation to improve the quality of the team’s productions.

Not only did KMH improve the workflow, it also added a matrix-based intercom communications system to improve the Giants’ A/V team’s communications.

KMH states that by consolidating the team’s editing and graphics workstations into a shared storage environment, it facilitated easier access for team staff members.

“It was ambitious, but we accomplished what we set out to do with cooperation and teamwork from our staff and KMH,” comments Don Sperling, vice president, executive producer, New York Giants. “It was done with careful planning, efficiency and speed, and the returns are already paying off.”

KMH Integration Equipment List

  • Custom technical furniture – Forescast Consoles
  • Expanded Router Control – Snell Advanced Media
  • Expanded Intercom Capability KP5032 – Bosch/RTS
  • Planar for Touch Panel and QC monitoring
  • Behringer Q802USB for Audio Mixing and Monitoring
  • Mackie CR3 active audio monitors
  • Custom JBT panel interconnects
  • Middle Atlantic -IDF and Ingest Rack Expansion
  • Wohler AMP1-2SDA – Ingest position audio monitoring
  • Wohler RM-3270WS-3G video monitoring for Ingest position
  • AJA – I-O 4K Thunderbolt – Edit Station Interface