BenQ Blue Core Laser Projectors Target Higher Education, Boardrooms

Newly revamped lineup of BenQ Blue Core laser projectors — short-throw WUXGA LU951ST, WUXGA LU950, full-HD LH720, WXGA LW720, and XGA LX720 – are designed for the rigors of higher education and boardroom environments.

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BenQ Blue Core Laser Projectors Target Higher Education, Boardrooms

The BenQ LU951ST WUXGA laser projector offers 5,000 ANSI lumens, HDMI output and dust proof design.

Expanding on its interactive Blue Core laser projector lineup, BenQ unveils its short-throw WUXGA LU951ST, WUXGA LU950, full-HD LH720, WXGA LW720, and XGA LX720, which it says are designed to deliver consistent brightness and reduce cost of ownership for higher education and boardroom applications.

The projectors feature IP5X dustproof certification, up to 5,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and high-contrast without lamps, filters or color decay, according to a BenQ press release.

“Traditional lamp-based projectors have been a challenge requiring constant filter cleaning and lamp replacements,” says Bob Wudeck, senior director, business, education and CinePro solutions, BenQ America Corp.

“We’ve perfected our Blue Core laser projector offering to address the higher education market for the first time while also bringing superior brightness and affordability to boardroom applications. Users don’t have to deal with lamp replacements while enjoying consistent brightness year after year.”

According to the press release, the new laser projectors ship in October from BenQ Direct with the following MSRPs:

  • LU951ST: $4,799
  • LU950: $2,799
  • LH720: $1,599
  • LW720: $1,499
  • LX720: $1,399

The BenQ LU951ST WUXGA short-throw laser projector offers 5,000 ANSI lumens, HDMI output and dust proof design.

BenQ Blue Core Laser Projector Technology (from press release):

Generating intense laser-powered brightness, BenQ’s dual synchronized color wheel and long-lasting DLP chip drive the high performance, innovation and value offered within the company’s Blue Core laser projector family.

Unlike traditional lamp-based projectors that require lamp replacements, these projectors deliver a long-lasting vibrant image with 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation and are virtually immune from color and contrast fading that can affect non DLP lamp-based projectors.

This feature saves on the expense of lamps and eliminates inconvenient system downtime due to maintenance. With high 100,000:1 contrast, 1.07 billion color display and 4,000-ANSI lumen (LH720/LW720/LX720) or 5,000-ANSI lumen (LU951ST/LU950) brightness, every image and word is perfectly and crisply projected for the best visual impact, even to the back of the room and in high ambient lighting.

In addition, the LW720, LH720, and LX720 can accurately reproduce over 90% of the Rec. 709 spectrum for demanding visual environments. Plus, the projectors’ powerful 10-watt built-in speaker adds captivating richness without having to install a separate speaker.


HDMI Connectivity and Classroom-Friendly Features (from press release):

BenQ’s LU951ST and LU950 are the first 5,000-ANSI lumen projectors in their price range to feature an HDMI output, so users can stage it, stack it and stream with flexibility. Stage it: The simple HDMI connection is perfect for putting two projectors side-by-side.

Stack it: Users can turn two 5,000-ANSI lumen projectors into a brilliant 10K ANSI lumen display without spending additional cost and labor on wiring and cabling. Stream: Users can stream digital audio and video output from the projector to any device to enable streaming functions from nearly any classroom.

With an advanced grayscale level for training and education, the LU951ST and LU950 also feature DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) Simulation Mode to view grayscale medical images, such as X-rays, clearly.

The projectors also boast features that enable seamless connectivity and operation, including HDBaseT and remote-control projector ID to assign a specific ID to each projector and avoid signal interference from nearby projectors.

Finally, the LU951ST is available in black, while the LU950 is available in white, allowing users to best match room aesthetics.


The latest BenQ full-HD LH720, WXGA LW720 and XGA LX720 laser projectors deliver long-lasting color and brightness in a dust proof 4K-lumen design.

Blue Core Laser Projector Are BYOD-Ready (from press release):

The LH720, LW720 and LX720 corporate projectors are the perfect toolkits for enterprise applications requiring collaboration and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) capabilities via BenQ’s versatile wireless presentation solutions.

Features includes BenQ’s optional InstaShow software-free, OS- and hardware-agnostic collaboration solution that allows up to 16 presenters to lead from any device, making it easy for presenters to take turns wirelessly delivering seamless presentations for improved meeting efficiency.

Additionally, BenQ’s QCast and QCast Mirror HDMI wireless devices enable meeting participants to share full-HD content wirelessly from any mobile device or laptop.

For extra security, BenQ has designed a special secured compartment in the projector to protect the dongle in a classroom environment. BenQ’s Infographic Mode optimizes the projector’s high brightness and 90% Rec. 709 olor coverage to display text and graphics in perfect detail.

Also, Vivid Mode is designed for supreme color performance during video or image presentation. Further still, the projectors’ 4000-lumen high brightness and LumiExpert technology create the best presentation conditions even in medium-sized conference rooms with ambient lighting.

LumiExpert automatically detects the ambient light conditions of a meeting room and adjusts the projector’s brightness to maximize clarity and comfort.

Blue Core Laser Projector Are IT-Friendly (from press release):

BenQ’s IP5X-certified dustproof design eliminates the need for regular filter cleaning necessary on other popular laser projectors sold today. To lower maintenance costs, BenQ Blue Core laser projectors integrate into corporate network infrastructures, which gives IT managers full access and centralized control over every projector directly from their workstations, including remotely powering them up and down, changing sources and upgrading firmware throughout the facility over the network.

Compatible with leading projector control systems including Extron, Crestron, AMX and PJ-Link for network control via LAN and featuring BenQ’s Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software, the new BenQ projectors give IT managers everything they need for seamless facilitywide projector management.

More information on the full line of BenQ products is available here.

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