Christie Boxer Breathes New Life into Long-Running Australian Outback Spectacular Dinner Show

Audiences treated to high-caliber entertainment from Christie after an major update to the AV systems from Customised Technical Solutions.

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Christie Boxer Breathes New Life into Long-Running Australian Outback Spectacular Dinner Show

Enjoying dinner and a show takes on a whole new meaning when products from Christie, including Christie Boxer, are enlisted to create an immersive video experience at the Australian Outback Spectacular.

The objective of the management team of the long-running show was making the audience feel as much a part of the high-energy show as the actors. They knew this would require a major update to the current video setup.

Taking place in Gold Coast, Australia, the High Country Legends entertainment venue opened in 2006, and over time the image quality of the dynamic video presentation had gone through a noticeable decline.

How Australian Outback Spectacular Became More Impressive

It was time for a refresh to keep it presentation at a quality level that would impress and captivate the audience as the story of the World War I Battle of Beersheba was retold through a spectacular display of choreographed lights, video projection and audio.

Together, the equipment creates the illusion of water, fire, snow and fog, constantly transforming the Australian Outback Spectacular stage into a variety of realistic environments.

To accurately portray the harsh and unforgiving elements endured during the battle, the venue is hot, dusty and humid—just like the outback. Equipment that could withstand these environmental conditions was as important as their ability to deliver high-quality entertainment.

Eager to meet both demands for quality and ruggedness, Customised Technical Solutions, the integration team hired for the video upgrade, chose Christie products for the video portion of the production.

Christie Boxer 2K30 video projectors deliver pristine visuals to the venue’s main backdrop—a high projection surface that stretches 35 meters across and 9 meters high. To overcome high ambient light levels and the audience’s close proximity to the screen, Customised Technical Solutions installed an array of four Christie Boxer projectors, stacked in pairs, with a center blend.

Each projector is rated at 30,000 lumens to combat ambient light. Other features include 1,500 hours of lamp life to 70 percent brightness, built-in warping and blending, single-phase power and a full range of connectivity options.

The projectors at the Australian Outback Spectacular are housed in sealed environmental enclosures as protection from the dust kicked up during a show. Each projector was fitted with a sliding drawer to allow for easy maintenance. The 2K projectors can be upgraded at any time to deliver video in 4K.

Christie Pandoras Box Goes Down Under

Of course, the technical team at High Country Legends would need a way to create and manage the stunning visuals. For this, Customised Technical Solutions integrated a Christie Pandoras Box. The tech team would be able to produce engaging visuals, altering them at any time to keep the show fresh and a accurate depiction of the beauty, spirit and grandeur of the Australian outback.

The uniquely updated video system at Australian Outback Spectacular pairs well with the LED lighting system comprised of 100 moving lights, a 12.1 surround sound system and custom designed special effects. Through the implementation of Christie and other products, High Country Legend will be able to thrill audiences now and well into the future.