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Optoma Introduces New Line of Projectors for Corporate and HOW Installs

Optoma lenses ‘designed to deliver even greater installation and image projection flexibility’ in all types of installations with the Optoma ProScene line.

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Optoma Introduces New Line of Projectors for Corporate and HOW Installs

The Optoma EH615T projector is ideal for corporate and house of worship installations.

Optoma recently announced two new ProScene projectors “designed to combine high-quality, professional-grade image performance with installation flexibility,” according to the company press release.

The ProScene WU615T and EH615T Optoma projectors are “the brightest, most affordable WUXGA and 1080p fixed lens projectors available in the market,” according to the announcement, and are designed to meet the needs of corporate environments and houses of worship.

Featuring a 1.8x zoom, 360-degree and portrait mode operation, four corner geometric correction, vertical and horizontal lens shifts, and keystone correction, the ProScene WU615T and EH615T “are ideal projectors for image stacking and uneven surfaces, and offer usability from any angle,” according to the Optoma press release.

They are also equipped with a variety of input and connectivity options including two HDMI ports, HDBaseT and built-in MHL technology for compatibility with a wide variety of HD devices.

Both projectors also feature Eco+ lamp power management mode to enhance energy efficiency for a more environmentally friendly operation.

The Optoma ProScene WU615T delivers 1920 x 1200 WUXGA resolution picture with 6,500 ANSI lumens, and is available for an estimated $2,999.

The Optoma ProScene EH615T offers a full 1920 x 1080 HD image and features 6,200 ANSI lumens for an estimated $2,799.

 Additional specifications:

  • Contrast ratio: 10,000:1
  • Displayable colors: 1.07 Billion
  • Throw ratio: 1.2 – 2.16:1
  • Optical zoom: 1.8x
  • Audio: Two 10W speakers

“As the brightest, most affordable WUXGA and 1080p fixed lens projectors in the market, the Optoma ProScene WU615T and EH615T are packed with cutting-edge DLP imaging technology along with installation features that make them an ideal choice for corporate and house of worship environments,” said Brian Soto, head of product management at Optoma Technology.

“With this new line of innovative Optoma projectors we’re offering a new level of flexibility and choice for pro AV environments.”

Both Optoma projectors are available through authorized dealers.

Optoma ProScene Lenses for Any Environment 

The company is also unveiling two new ProScene lenses that are designed “to allow even more flexibility for professional environments – from ultra-short throw needs, to dome surfaces,” according to the company press release.

Both the Optoma BX-CTADOME and BX-CTA16 lenses are compatible with the ZU850, and the BX-CTADOME is also compatible with the ZU650+.

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The Optoma BX-CTADOME lens is a dedicated dome projection lens that provides an immersive 360-degree projection on portable or permanently installed curved screens and projection surfaces from a single projector with no blending software required.

Ideal for planetariums, simulations, military, concert venues, live performance or anywhere 360-degree projection is required, the BX-CTADOME is available for an estimated $6,999.

The BX-CTA16 “provides high brightness in space-constrained environments, with an ultra-short throw,” according to the press release.

This interchangeable lens offers a throw ratio of 0.36:1. It is available for an estimated $7,999.