Stewart Filmscreen Showcasing Extra-Large, Seamless Screen Capabilities at InfoComm 2018

From the Phantom HALR to Cima, Stewart Filmscreen InfoComm offerings ‘leads the market with completely custom, giant seamless screens,’ says company.

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Stewart Filmscreen Showcasing Extra-Large, Seamless Screen Capabilities at InfoComm 2018

Stewart Filmscreen can deliver seamless screen sizes up to 40 feet high and 90 feet wide and screens with up to 16K+ resolution in nearly every configuration imaginable.

Stewart Filmscreen InfoComm 2018 visitors will get to see Stewart’s lineup and explore opportunities to exceed their client’s vision in booth C2528 in the Las Vegas Convention Center from June 6 to 8.

Stewart Filmscreen InfoComm demonstrations and displays will include the following:

Phantom HALR Crushes Light, Produces Incredible Imagery in Challenging Spaces

Stewart Filmscreen Phantom HALR high ambient light-rejecting screen is the only flexible, rollable, and acoustically transparent-capable black screen available in seamless sizes up to 40 feet high and 90 feet wide.

This HDR- and UHD-ready screen delivers an image that meets ANSI standard industry contrast ratio specifications even in rooms with more than 50 foot candles shining directly on the screen.

Phantom HALR combats multi-directional light with an approach “that ensures the audience gets the best image uniformity and integrity in the brightest of environments.” It also features “the widest viewing cone and best off-axis viewing of any screen in the category.”

Stewart Filmscreen, Stewart Filmscreen InfoComm, InfoComm 2018

Large-Venue Torrent Handles Images Up to 17 Feet Diagonal

Torrent delivers the “wow” in applications where an extra-large screen is crucial for visibility and to enhance the overall AV experience. This large-venue ceiling-mounted ElectriScreen accommodates screens up to 17 feet diagonal.

It uses a reinforced roller system to handle traditional aspect ratios as well as custom sizes, with black drop material above the image to center it, even in venues with high ceilings, and a self-finishing ceiling-flange.

Installers can remove the dust plate to access the roller system and control connections during installation, then clip it back into place. Torrent’s innovative design requires 9 ¼ inches clearance above the ceiling, permitting it to fit more applications than previous models. It’s available with virtually all Stewart’s flexible front- and rear-projection materials.

Cascade ElectriScreen Fits Where Other Ceiling-Mounted Screens Can’t

Stewart’s Cascade ElectriScreen is a recessed, ceiling-mounted electric roller screen capable of an image of 14 feet wide for corporate high-rise buildings, educational facilities and houses of worship.

Its case requires 8 inches of clearance above the ceiling and the design features a self-finishing ceiling flange. The dust plate cover removes easily for total access to the roller system and control connections during installation, clipping back into place.

Cascade uses a reinforced roller system with extra black drop above the image area, is HDR- / UHD-ready and comes in virtually any of Stewart screen materials.

Stewart Filmscreen, Stewart Filmscreen InfoComm, InfoComm 2018

FIDELEDY Vision Improves Contrast and Eliminates Moiré in Video Walls

Stewart Filmscreen’s FIDELEDY Vision is designed to improve image fidelity in LED video wall applications. This diffusion material works in indoor, high-ambient light applications, including digital signage, indoor attractions, retail outlets and broadcast studios.

FIDELEDY Vision reduces transmission levels, improves contrast ratios, and eliminates moiré for powerfully uniform image fidelity. It maintains color accuracy and its low-gloss surface characteristics reject glare from adjacent surfaces for greater visibility.

Cima Line Brings Delivers Quality and Performance for Any Budget

Ideal for boardrooms, classrooms, houses of worship and other applications where multiple screens are necessary but budgets are limited, Cima delivers the durability, image quality and aesthetics characteristic of all Stewart Filmscreen InfoComm products.

Cima ElectriScreens feature quiet electric motors and finely machined roller tubes and the extruded aluminum case supports the screen system and its inner components, protecting it from dust, dirt and other environmental factors.

Above- and below-ceiling models are available in standard sizes from 100 to 164 inches diagonal.

Stewart Filmscreen, Stewart Filmscreen InfoComm, InfoComm 2018