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Audinate Releases Major Update to Dante Domain Manager

Dante Domain Manager updates bring support for SMPTE 2110 and AES67, improved installation options, GPS clock synchronization and more.

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Audinate Releases Major Update to Dante Domain Manager

Audinate recently announced version 1.1 of Dante Domain Manager.

This update to Dante Domain Manager “brings key improvements and new features to users and integrators: new flexible installation options, improved email alerts and notifications, support for SMPTE 2110 devices and secure access to LDAP and SMTP servers,” according to the Audinate announcement.

Dante Domain Manager software “gives integrators, AV specialists and IT managers the ability to better manage Dante AV networks by creating groupings of Dante devices called ‘domains’ – which are zones of products,” the Audinate announcement says.

It enables administrators to secure their systems with user level authentication by domain and to scale their installations by supporting Dante audio across routed IP networks with multiple subnets.

Administrators looking to route audio between studios, buildings or across entire campuses may now do so regardless of network topology.

Inside Dante Domain Manager

Dante Domain Manager version 1.1 is delivered as a complete ISO package, which may be used in virtual environments such as VMWare ESXi, Oracle VirtualBox and Microsoft Hyper-V, or it may be installed directly onto a “bare metal” server with no additional software required.

Broadcasters can now combine SMPTE 2110 and Dante devices for seamless workflows, bringing Dante’s “one click” ease of connectivity to radio and TV studios with secure, user-authenticated access.

New GPS clock synchronization enables Dante connectivity between facilities over long distances, allowing broadcasters, educators and IT managers to distribute real-time media.

Improvements to email notifications and alerts mean that integrators and managers can stay on top of changes to their systems from wherever they are, addressing issues before impacts are felt.

Support for LDAPS and SMTPS brings greater security and confidence to network managers by encrypting communication to those servers.

“We are excited to introduce new features in Dante Domain Manager in response to customer feedback,” said Neil Philips, senior product manager at Audinate, in the company announcement.

“The introduction of SMPTE 2110, GPS synchronization, LDAPS and SMTPS support and improved email alerts make Dante Domain Manager an invaluable tool for administrators across multiple markets, enabling them to efficiently manage large-scale Dante systems,” he said.

Dante Domain Manager 1.1 is available for immediate download for new customers and existing customers with active support agreements.

Dante firmware 4.2 is required to enable SMPTE 2110 and GPS functionality in Dante Domain Manager 1.1. The latest firmware is now available to Audinate manufacturing partners for Brooklyn-II, with releases for Broadway and Dante HC modules soon to follow.