VITEC Brings Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Communities Together with Multi-Site Streaming

VITEC offers multi-site streaming to satellite campuses via HEVC end points and integrated Renewed Vision recording and time-slip technology.

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VITEC Brings Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Communities Together with Multi-Site Streaming

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship's three campuses are now connected, thanks to VITEC.

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler, Ariz., recently installed VITEC house of worship multi-site streaming solution at its two satellite campuses, and now the members feel more connected than ever.

Featuring VITEC’s MGW ace encoder and MGW series decoder fully integrated with Renewed Vision ProVideoServer (PVS), the solution “enables the organization to deliver two synchronized, low-latency, and broadcast-quality camera feeds to each site, making it the ideal dual-input, dual-output, time-slipped media record and playout server,” according to a VITEC press release about the project.

“Cornerstone is a growing church committed to offering an inclusive community that unites our campuses with one message,” said Cornerstone Christian Fellowship executive pastor Marty Sawyers. “All the people who attend the services at our satellite campuses now get the same message and rich video experience that’s taking place at our main campus.”

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship staff is now able to stream and play back its two camera feeds in perfect synchronization, at the highest HD video quality available, and at the lowest possible latency to both campuses.

As a result, the campuses feel like natural extensions of the main church, providing members with a rich, engaging worship experience.

More on the VITEC Multi-Site Streaming Solution

Powered by VITEC’s second-generation codec (GEN2), the solution bundles VITEC’s 100-percent hardware-based IP encoders and decoders featuring HEVC (H.265) bandwidth-efficient compression with Zixi error-free streaming protocol, ensuring pristine video quality.

In addition, it integrates Renewed Vision’s PVS, a four-channel HD video server from the most trusted technology provider in the worship space. This enables Cornerstone Christian Fellowship to record both of its camera feeds from the main campus, complete with embedded time code and multi-channel audio, and play back those streams at each of the satellite campuses at any time.

PVS’ time slip functionality, much like a DVR, allows for the immediate playback of a video, even as it continues to record from the main campus.

Finally, VITEC HTTP API allowed Cornerstone to create a custom graphical user interface (GUI) to control and monitor each of the VITEC appliances from a single user interface. All Cornerstone volunteers can centrally operate the system, streamlining production, reducing any technical roadblocks that come with managing multiple systems and keeping Sunday services operating smoothly.

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“Cornerstone illustrates the increasingly sophisticated video productions that churches today offer, and as they grow through remote sites, they want to be able to share that same message and high-quality visual experience with their entire community,” said Mark D’Addio, VP of business development and emerging markets at VITEC.