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VITEC to Demo IPTV Platform & Digital Signage Products at InfoComm 2017

VITEC will showcase new IP TV platform and digital signage solutions at InfoComm 2017

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VITEC to Demo IPTV Platform & Digital Signage Products at InfoComm 2017

A new, scalable EZ TV and digital signage platform from VITEC will be on display at InfoComm 2017.

Video encoding and streaming solution manufacturer VITEC will demonstrate its latest IPTV and digital signage products at the upcoming InfoComm 2017.

The California-based manufacturer will showcase its EZ TV platform, which utilizes the HEVC codec for the support of the MGW Ace end-to-end 4:2:2 HEVC encoder and decoder product.

Attendees will receive a demonstration in VITEC’s booth (#4761) as well as a CTS training session which focuses on IPTV and digital signage for large venues, according to CEO Philippe Wetzel.

“End users are seeking an affordable, high-quality video streaming solution to reliably distribute their in-house television and live and offline video,” he said. “With that in mind, VITEC will highlight two award-winning solutions—our portable point-to-point HEVC broadcast contribution solution and the comprehensive, scalable EZ TV IPTV and digital signage platform—as well as our house of worship solution featuring integration with the industry leading Renewed Vision ProVideo Server, adding advanced capabilities needed for flawless multi-campus video production.”

VITEC Digital Signage Products at InfoComm

Here is a brief look at the new products VITEC will have on display.

EZ TV & Digital Signage Platform

Designed as a scalable line of products for in-house distribution of TV feeds and private video content, the EZ TV & Digital Signage platform manages IPTV streams and campaigns for sports, education, entertainment and enterprise applications.

The series includes hardware-based IPTV and digital signage endpoints that provide low-latency playback, as well as real-time updates to electronic program guide (EPG), video on demand, time-shifted TV, and user controlled mosaic viewing of multiple channels in formats, including H.264 and HEVC up to 4K.

Moreover, VITEC will show its second-generation HEVC codec (GEN2) which is powered by its MGW Ace encoder, making it portable.

Point-to-Point HEV Streaming Solution

The MGW Ace Encoder and Decoder is a mobile, hardware-based, end-to-end 4:2:2 HEVC encode/decode solution. It uses VITEC’s second-generation HEVC (GEN2) codec to provide efficient bandwidth compression for state-of-the-art performance.

The product also includes H.264 encoding to support legacy applications and offers a selection of I/Os and low-power consumption via their HEVC chip.

VITEC points out the MGW Ace Encoder/Decoder can be used for streaming video audio and KLV metadata in the field.

House of Worship Multi-Site Video Streaming Solution

The House of Worship streaming solution now integrates with Renewed Vision ProVideoServer. This enables churches to record at least one high-quality stream from the main campus which includes embedded time code and multi channel audio.

These streams can be played back at the satellite campus anytime, and the upgraded solution bundles VITEC portable encoders/decoders with the Zixi error-free streaming protocol for cost-effective streaming in facilities of any size.