Best Corporate Campus Project: Creating an LED Experience at Financial Services Campus

Published: July 28, 2021

The newly installed LED experience by McCann Systems, at a financial services leader in the Charlotte metro area, is a complete hub and spoke style strategy, with digital canvases acting almost as beacons for those folks touring or even wandering around the campus.

McCann Systems is creating immersive, functional audiovisual spaces that are new to the company and creates a “center of gravity” for employees and clients in the common areas.

The financial services campus modernization is a three-year Charlotte Modernization project that spans multiple buildings on campus.

The LED Experience & Technology

McCann Systems utilized new technologies to embed solutions into the existing architecture. Featuring complete and partial column wraps in the exquisite food hall with full 32:9 fine-pitch LED walls, this complex will have a leg up in attracting and retaining the best talent.

The current and ambitious phase of LED-lined atrium supports and large-format screens for outdoor classes and town halls will be another show-stopper.

The client is a long-standing relationship with McCann Systems, and has the partnership has been dramatically reinforced over the last four years. When COVID-19 cleared most of the campus, the company saw an opportunity to leverage a push-forward with future-proof technology throughout the multiple buildings.

Taking advantage of the available space was not the only reason to advance this project in 2020- the company also wanted to welcome back a rejuvenated workforce with a campus that reflected that feeling. A refreshed, new, and efficient space made for an excellent on-ramp for employees returning to a full-time, part-time, or hybrid working environment.

One of the most critical strategies for the company and McCann Systems was ubiquity: no matter if you were in the office, at home, in your car, or the food hall, you should have a chance to do your job successfully. The installation successfully allows their employees to be where they are needed the most.

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McCann Systems achieved this with several thousand square feet of fine-pitch (1.2mm) LED with a massive matrixed back-end to point any source to any piece of pixels throughout the complex- even in the Fitness Center.

As you traverse around the campus, you’ll cross the manicured footbridge and lose sight of the food hall behind you. Don’t worry- you’ll be able to see more LED installations ahead, acting as a lighthouse and providing an outdoor/indoor digital wayfinding experience that cannot be rivaled.

Happening now is an installation in the five-story Atrium, with Unilumin LED running vertically towards the sky and horizontally in a ringed shape at the floor structures.

This phase will activate the heart of the campus and provide a canvas for the famous Town Halls where the team crowds around the Atrium on all five stories, peering towards the epicenter, be it an encouraging speech from the CEO or even a towering Christmas tree.

Even more lobby and outdoor LED instances are in the works.

The Installation

The new installation is controlled as easily as a sports bar, pushing content wherever you want, whether custom content, data pulls, live TV feeds, or any number of inputs.

The significant difference, of course, is the massive amount of custom LED tucked into niches and major thoroughfares across multiple buildings, and the screens are purpose-built for bright, crisp 24/7 use for over a decade.

Several highlights are in the food hall, with elite LED installations around most of the building’s exposed columns.

At the far end of the seating area lives a 32:9 1.2mm LED wall that lights up the 2nd dining level, with another screen on the backside, entertaining those who opt for a game of foosball.

Partial column wraps adorn the window pillars, which are even more breathtaking against the sunny Carolina backdrop.

The LED Experience

Every single person that has walked through the space has echoed a fantastic reaction, especially the client. Further installations in Charlotte and beyond are now being initiated based on this ambitious technology and architecture use.

The company’s leadership team aims to carry this 10-year technology plan throughout other spaces on campus and worldwide, solidifying the work-from-anywhere concept and defending the capital investment towards creating a work environment all employees can proudly show off.

Equipment Highlights

  • Biamp
  • Calibre
  • Chief (Legrand)
  • Crestron
  • Middle Atlantic
  • NEC
  • Poly
  • QSC
  • Samsung
  • Tripleplay
  • Unilumin

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