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37 #AVTweeps to Follow Before, During and After InfoComm 2017

If you’re following these 37 accounts during InfoComm 2017 and beyond, you’ll be well-covered in all aspects of the show, from official news to the best swag to the coolest places to eat every night.

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37 #AVTweeps to Follow Before, During and After InfoComm 2017

If you attended the annual InfoComm extravaganza in Junes past, you know the craziness that can ensue as you make your way from booth to booth, then navigating Orlando (in this case) after the floor closes for the day. Now, you need to find the best places to eat—or drink (we won’t tell).

First-time InfoComm attendees will learn more about the frenzied atmosphere in and around the Orange County Convention Center between now and Friday. To help them along, and even to assist those who want to get even more out of InfoComm 2017 than ever before, we’ve compiled a list of 37 Twitter accounts you should follow before, during and after InfoComm 2017.

Why 37? Well, it’s a prime number for one thing and InfoComm 2017 IS the association’s prime-time event. Also, 20 + 17 = 37. With that kind of brain power behind this list, is there any doubt about what you should be doing right now? Check your Twitter account, make sure you’re following every single one of the accounts on this list and enjoy the show!

The self-serving portion of our program begins with a half-dozen accounts representing our feet on the ground at InfoComm 2017 and the place to turn if you don’t want to miss the biggest news coming out of the Sunshine State during the show.

Of course, you should be following Commercial Integrator’s main account, but you already knew that, right? Make sure you also add editor-in-chief Tom LeBlanc, editor-at-large Craig MacCormack, products editor Robert Archer, web editor Adam Forziati and Tech Decisions managing editor Jonathan Blackwood to stay up to date on the cool products they’re seeing and trends they’re discussing.

Since you’re coming to InfoComm 2017, clearly you need to add InfoComm’s Twitter account to your feed. But don’t forget the show-focused account either. Executive director and CEO David Labuskes has been known to make news during InfoComm shows and communications guru Brad Grimes will offer his perspective on the big news at the show and that affecting the industry. Barbara Blasowsky brings a flair to her marketing work and digital media manager Narin Nara is not above sharing embarrassing photos of himself.

Betsy Jaffe is your go-to source for InfoComm member services and Chuck Espinoza is the man if you want to know more about training at the show—and where to find the best bacon. Without Jason McGraw at the helm, this show would look a whole lot different. Make sure you add Heidi Voorhees, who joined InfoComm earlier this year as COO. She’s psyched to become an InfoComm show rookie.

If you want the local perspective on the international phenomenon known as InfoComm 2017, John Birchman is a must-follow for you. Orlando-based AVLS Installers prides itself on “clean[ing] up other people’s messes,” including when they catch you something other than the official show hashtag. We all have a decent idea of the weather to expect in Orlando in mid-June, but DS Weather follows all the feeds so you don’t have to.

InfoComm 2017 is a serious undertaking, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun too. Harry Meade has made swag-hunting into an art form, so if you want to get loaded up on freebies, he’s the man to let you know where to find it. Even though Chris Neto will be strapped into a booth this year during InfoComm, we’re sure he’ll have the scoop on where the parties are and where to go to blow off some steam after working your feet during show floor hours and training sessions.

There is no greater authority on restaurants and wine than Kim Lancaster. Brock McGinnis mixes refinement with goofiness, a perfect blend of the yin and yang of InfoComm shows. Malissa Dillman is a “super” authority on ways to make your experience, John Greene earned a lifetime achievement award to express himself in 140-character bursts and the AV Hashtags feed is chock full of show advice and more.

There’s no better group at chronicling industry events from an integrator’s perspective than AV Nation, a team of industry insiders who post podcasts, videos and opinion pieces on what they see and why you should care about it. They’re led by Tim Albright, who is a must-follow despite his best efforts to convince you otherwise. George Tucker will be representing CI on the show floor and serves as Albright’s right-hand man for AV Nation.

Among the most buzzworthy annual events at InfoComm shows is Phil Cordell’s yearly AV Selfie video, which takes some of the best selfies of show attendees and mixes them with a parody of one or more of today’s biggest hits. Bradford Benn is always good for a unique look at the world and Josh Srago is nothing if not thought-provoking. Matt Scott is a perennial industry leader for church and residential AV—and he’s been known to upstage everyone with his sartorial splendor. Daily DOOH will give you all of the analytics you can handle based on the show hashtag.

Other than AV Nation’s AVTweetup, there is no bigger must-see event at InfoComm 2017 than the Drunk Unkles annual charity concert. This year, the collection of industry insiders who started jamming for a good cause 12 years ago will again be raising money for NSCA’s Ignite program, which increases awareness about the industry to high school and college students.

Speaking of the industry’s next generation, several students from EnventU will be canvassing the InfoComm show floor and sitting in on classes to learn more about the industry they could someday make into a full-time career. Follow them now before your competitors beat you to this talented crop of youngsters.

Finally, if you’re thinking about making a change in your career—or worried your boss may make the change for you, check out TierPM AV/IT staffing for all the latest job openings, one of which could actually be your dream job. Marika Aquino and her team will be set up in the Career Fair area all week.

There are MANY more industry experts and people who make this industry what it is, so don’t feel limited in any way by this list. Explore on your own and find your favorites to follow. Make sure you tell us about them too so we can add them to our must-follows in the future.