CI Fantasy Football League: Week 16 Results and In-Depth Analysis

We’ve reached championship week in CI Fantasy Football — and you can cut the tension with a knife…a really dull butter knife.

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We know this week’s CI Fantasy Football league update is a few days later than expected, but it could be that everyone at CI World Headquarters was mourning the death of a dynasty. Or it could just be that most of them were on vacation and forgot to do their updates in time. We’ll let you decide.

If you’ve made it this far, you already know there’s only one week left in the CI Fantasy Football season.

And, if you keep reading, you’ll find out who will be playing for the coveted fake football trophy and unending glory that comes with beating your competitors in a fantasy sports league.

Group 1 Commissioner: Ray Lyons

Championship Round – Week 1 of 2

(2) T1V 121.1 points

(1) Diversified 84.1

CI Commisioner Trash Talk: It’s not going to be easy for Diversified, which was the best team in the league for the regular season, to dig out of a 37-point hole to win the coveted CI Fantasy Football Group 1 championship. But was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? If anyone can do it, it’s CI’s 2016 Integrator of the Year. We’ll see next week.

Group 2 Commissioner: Shawn Tobin

Championship Round – Week 1 of 2

(3) Team SureCall 83.3

(1) Winning as a Service 91

CI Commissioner Trash Talk: We’ve written a lot about the importance of service in the pro AV integration world and it’s showing up in fantasy football circles too. AVI-SPL hopes to hold on to its slim lead in the second week of the title matchup and add another piece of hardware to its increasingly crowded mantel. Would this be bigger than its Integrator of the Year honors in 2011?

Group 3 Commissioner: Craig MacCormack

Semifinal Round

(1) Team Guhl 109

(4) A Case of the Mondays 123


(3) Mac Daddies 92

(2) Rolls Royce 111

CI Commissioner Trash Talk: The quest for a Mac Daddies three-peat came to a crashing halt, in no small part because of the absence of MVP candidate Todd Gurley. No excuses, though, since fellow MVP Pat Mahomes had another eye-popping week to lead Rolls Royce into the championship. On the other side of the bracket, Team Guhl experienced A Case of the Mondays, falling short in their quest for a fake football title. We’ll see who emerges with the hardware next week.

Group 4 Commissioner: Tom LeBlanc

Championship Round – Week 1 of 2

(1) Skol Vikings 152.3

(3) Team Gasparo 138.3

CI Commissioner Trash Talk: The stage is set for an exciting final week as No. 1 seed Skol Vikings carry a narrow lead over No. 3 seed Team Gasparo into the final week. Will Team Gasparo complete its late-season surge and capture the title? Will Skol Vikings, which sat atop the league for much of the season, finish what it started? Will ANYONE outside of those two gentlemen give a sh-t? Time will tell.

Group 5 Commissioner: Chelsea Cafiero

Championship Round – Week 1 of 2

(4) Smiling Malards 119.7

(2) 2 Gurleys One Cup 128.2

CI Commissioner Trash Talk: The first week of our two-week championship round has come to a close, with the Gurleys pulling ahead by less than 10 points. I’m on the edge of my seat, and next week will decide it all. We have Patrick Mahomes and Davante Adams up against Matt Ryan and Alvin Kamara. Who will take home the title?

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