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Distance Learning is About a Lot More Than Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

You don’t have to be a student to be part of the distance learning revolution. Most people are part of it now whether they know it or not.

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Distance Learning is About a Lot More Than Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

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When most people think of the term “distance learning,” it’s focused on school classrooms and university lecture halls, but there’s a lot more to virtual education than what happens within the walls of a school.

In fact, most in AV have been on both sides of the distance learning setup for many years now, perhaps without knowing about it at all. Distance learning comes in many forms and can be delivered by anyone from the CEO or HR director to a company trying to teach you more about its new products.

On top of that, most companies and organizations these days have had to rethink how to share their big news with their audiences by using AV technology to create virtual events—such as our annual Total Tech Summit—or webinars that include the incentive of AVIXA CTS renewal units and the like.

Even houses of worship and medical facilities offer distance learning opportunities these days.

Distance Learning

Why Distance Learning Is Here to Stay

You may not think of those corporate training videos all new employees must watch as distance learning, but that’s exactly what they are. They allow the user to access them whenever they want at their own convenience and from the comfort of their couch or favorite recliner.

If you’ve attended the recent Almo E4 Evolution virtual event or the virtual NSCA Business & Leadership Conference, congratulations! You’ve officially joined the ranks of a distance learner. For those who will be joining ISE 2021 in one of its four stops across Europe from home, you’re a distance learner too.

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Learning isn’t something that ends once you walk across the stage and grab your diploma from the principal or dean. If you’ve ever heard the term “lifelong learners,” you know that it’s good and healthy to keep adding more knowledge no matter your age or experience level.

And, with so many schools, corporate offices and other businesses still restricting how many people can be in one place at a time, distance learning will continue to play a key role in ensuring we all keep filling our brains with new information.