How to Create a Magnetic Corporate Culture: Strong, Positive and Attractive

Does your company culture attract new employees who want to be a part of the environment and contribute to the effort?

Steve Greenblatt

Continuing the conversation from last time on building a strong team, I want to talk about the importance of company culture. 

A strong and valued team creates a positive, nurturing culture. A strong and healthy culture breeds a successful team. Good company culture is so critical to success that it is just as important as having a skilled team. 

It can be difficult to define what it takes to develop a strong company culture but the results are easy to identify. Energized, dedicated employees who enjoy coming to work each day and take pride in their work, their company, and their future speak to a strong, positive company culture. Companies with a culture like this attract new employees who want to be a part of the environment and contribute to the effort. 

Attracting Customers with Your Corporate Culture

Customers are drawn to the energy, messaging, and attitude of your team and they reap the benefits of proud, committed employees who enjoy what they do and want to go the extra mile to serve.

Every company has its own culture, but not every company culture is an asset to the team or the customer.

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Some company cultures are unsupportive, critical, or toxic. This leads to ‘demotivation,’ negative reinforcement, and lack of commitment. In these cases, employees who are subjected to a negative culture transfer the same mindset to their performance and to customers.

How Can Culture be Measured? Can Company Culture be Shaped or Modified?

Company culture starts with core values, beliefs, and rituals that lead to habits and behaviors. Examples of statements that echo core values include: “put yourself in the customer’s shoes,” “go the extra mile,” “provide a wow experience,” “make each day fun,” and “always act as an ambassador for the company.”

Core values define the mindset and belief system that galvanize the team and provide direction for actions and behaviors. As members of the team subscribe to the core values, chemistry and support grow and culture forms. As that culture matures, those who are not on board with the core values and belief system either feel a natural pressure to conform or find themselves on the outside.

Company rituals, activities, privileges, and environment can support, influence, and reinforce the positive culture by contributing to the happiness and motivation of the team. Examples that I have seen work include: daily morning huddles, lunch and learn events, flexible hours, company social outings, and rewards for celebrating achievement.

Creating a positive team culture starts from the top, where it needs to be recognized as an essential part of building a successful organization.  As I will share in my next piece on the value of communication, messaging, much like core values, must be consistent, easy to understand, and adopted at all organizational levels to develop a strong, positive company culture.

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