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Microsoft Releases Math Solver App, But Should They?

Need help with math problems? A new Microsoft app will solve equations for you, but does it belong in the classroom?

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Microsoft Releases Math Solver App, But Should They?

Hey Microsoft, where the hell where you 10 years ago? In case you missed it, Microsoft recently released its Math Solver app that can solve problems and equations in several different ways.

You can scan, type, or draw a math problem to get the answer, Microsoft says.

The free app — available on both iOS and Android — can help with simple math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and other math disciplines using artificial intelligence.

However, it’s not just a tool that students can use to cheat on their homework or tests. The app will help you understand how to carry out the equations and show the work — the latter of which

The program instantly recognizes the problem and helps the user solve it with step-by-step explanations, examples from the web and video lectures.

Seriously? I’m almost 30 and I needed this thing many years ago when I was struggling in math. I was an English major and whenever I try my hand at math, it gets dangerous.

Too much technology?

As groundbreaking as this technology is and as useful a classroom tool as it seems, it undoubtedly looks like an app many will use for cheating.

I’m going to go ahead and predict that math teachers and professors will enforce a strict “no phones” policy during exams or come up with other ways to block the apps from using the school’s WiFi.

In the reviews of the app, the only negative comments are from educators, naturally.

This technology might have little to do with AV integrators, but it does beg the question, “When is there too much technology in the classroom?

Maybe I’m becoming jaded, but students need to actually learn this stuff and not have Microsoft do their work for them.

AV integrators should think the same way. Sell technologies that you know will be widely accepted in the education community and avoid selling the latest technology just because you can. 

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