Why NSCA BLC: Engage, Collaborate & Return More Energized

Kourtney Govro, vice president & part owner of All Systems and CEO of Sphere3, explains why she’s attending NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference on Feb. 26-28.

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It’s difficult to imagine an integration industry event in which more market and company decision makers are in one room at that same time, as when it happens repeatedly during NSCA‘s Business & Leadership Conference.

The 17th annual event, which takes place February 26-28 in Tampa, Fla., is expected to be the largest BLC with 300-plus attendees. Here, we shed some light on some of the faces in a crowd full of thought-leaders, and why each one is attending this event.

Kourtney Govro, Vice President & Part Owner of All Systems, CEO of Sphere3

Kansas City, Mo

Why is it worth your time to attend BLC?

Engaging with others in our industry is critical to be able to learn best practices. One of the most valuable pieces of any conference is the ability to cross mingle ideas and collaborate with others who have tried different methodologies and pathways.

BLC also presents new concepts and ideas on where the industry is going. This helps us be aware of key issues and influencers when setting our strategies for the coming years.

Finally, it is energizing to be there and be surrounded by people who are eager to learn and share. I just love hearing from others. We are determined to bring our entire management team to try to garner as much information and perspective as possible. Plus, everyone likes to see Chuck [Wilson]!

When you get back to your office after BLC, what will determine if it was a successful event for you and your company?

Did our energy increase? Are we more focused? Did we garner some information that can improve a process?

What’s a topic that you’d like to see the industry focus on more?

The industry has promoted RMR [recurring monthly revenue] for several years. I would like to understand the results. What are people really doing with the concept?

My fear is that many of us have created service contracts that are really just insurance programs for our customers. I would like to hear new concepts around these service models and dive into what has and has not worked.

I want to hear success and failures. I want to hear about how customers are responding to their programs and how are integrators managing the new workload associated with contracts management. I would also like to hear more on consolidation and how it’s affecting integrators, especially outside the focus on AV.

What’s one “fun fact” about you person-ally that could lead to some interesting conversations over cocktails at BLC?

I have four boys ranging from high school to kindergarten and a dog named Stewart. And I love MLS soccer.

Are you on Twitter?

Yes, @Sphere3CEO.

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