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AV Tech Burnout: The Dark Side of Working in Technology

Working in technology has its pitfalls: angry customers, extended hours, constant looming deadlines are among many issues AV tech pros experience weekly.

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AV Tech Burnout: The Dark Side of Working in Technology

For the majority of people working in technology, including in the AV tech and IT fields, the common misconception is that these professionals are wealthy with lots of free time to spend playing video games and enjoying life.

However, the majority of AV tech professionals will face a wide range of problems over the course of their career, ranging from depression to severe loss of personal time.

One of the most difficult aspects of working in technology industries is the sheer number of angry people who do not want to admit their improper conduct caused problems with their computer or equipment.

Depression is a Major Factor

The issue of depression and mental health issues has become one of the most important in recent years due to a growing number of celebrities, sports stars, and tech professionals who have found themselves limited by the growing level of stress they feel about their career.

Depression- and mental health-related illness is growing in the tech industry, and is now classed as the top reason for disability seen across much of the world, according to the World Health Organization in a study reported by The Atlantic.

AV tech professionals are very susceptible to depression and mental health problems because of the nature of their job.

The all-encompassing nature of working in technology with either an established company or a startup makes it difficult for a professional to live what would be described as a “normal” life.

Long hours, including weekends and late nights, have become the norm in a sector where less than 10 percent of startups actually succeed.

Depression- and mental health-related illness is growing in the tech industry, and is now classed as the top reason for disability in the world, according to the World Health Organization.

Always on Call

Perhaps the most destructive aspect of working in technology is the loss of a personal or social life, often caused by the 24/7 nature of the business.

AV tech and IT professionals find themselves attached to their cell phone across the majority of each day and night where calls can come in at any time regarding the use of equipment or software which is available across every second of every day.

Missing out on fun activities and events is not a negative one would expect to associate with working in technology, but this is the reality.

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Deadlines Are Always Looming

No matter which area of the tech industry an individual is working within, they are almost always under the pressure and stress of a deadline often put into place by someone lacking experience.

Constantly having to update oneself of the latest tech trends and product updates makes for pretty stressful conditions.

AV Tech Professionals Always Take Blame

New entrants into the technology field are often unaware of the fiery responses often received by a professional when they are called in to handle a problem.

In all areas of business, the technology is always being blamed along with the professional attempting to assist with problems.

Anger is one problem to be faced by an AV tech professional, along with the fact that every friend, family member and acquaintance will at some point ask for assistance with their home systems.

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AV tech, IT, and other folks working in technology are always aware of the fact their position could one day be made obsolete by the technology they manage.

The modern tech professional sometimes feels like the job takes over every aspect of life. Those constantly stressed by this might consider selling out. But for the rest of us: let’s hope customers appreciate our efforts enough to keep each one of us motivated.

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  • It’s not the complete solution to the tech burnout, but there may be something in here to share with the manager here.

    Overworked Integration Teams

  • L. William Nattress III, CTS-D, CTS-I says:

    What is the value in this article? Every job has deadlines, every job has customer demands. Many receive great satisfaction in being a part of the AV industry, this article makes it sound like we play in the hell on earth game. This is a complete disservice to the industry.

    Learning project and time management skills are keys to success.
    Passion for what we do creates a toleration (or excitement) when being asked about home theater or any tech for that matter.

    “AV tech professionals are very susceptible to depression and mental health problems because of the nature of their job.” PROVIDE SOME PROOF

    • The AV Guy says:

      Bill, I believe you’re missing the spirit of the article. Of course all jobs have stress, deadlines, and issues. But how many times have integrators been placed as the last people into a project and therefore owning all the final stress of finishing a project, forgetting the causes for delays prior. No offense, but I think things are quite different from the perspective of the consultant or manufacturer compared to the integrator doing the field work.

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