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Amplifier Technologies (ATI) Acquires Datasat

Amplifier Technologies Inc. (ATI) adds Datasat Digital Entertainment (DDE) to bolster its high-end audio processing and amplification product suite.

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Amplifier Technologies (ATI) Acquires Datasat

Amplifier Technologies Inc. (ATI), a designer and manufacturer of high-performance audio amplifiers and processing products, has acquired Datasat Digital Entertainment (DDE), adding more high-end audio processing and audio amplification products to its lineup. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

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“Datasat Digital Entertainment (DDE) products are well known and considered by many to be one of the leading audio processing technologies in the world,” says Morris Kessler, owner and chief designer at ATI.”

“We are pleased to see Datasat joining the ATI family,” says Robert McKinley, executive vice president of operations at Datasat. “There’s a great deal of synergy between the companies already but the combined sales, engineering and operations teams will now work hand in hand to provide continuity with our current product offering while simultaneously moving exciting new initiatives forward to better serve and support the marketplace. This is a great opportunity for anyone that values the highest quality, most reliable audio products available.”

Datasat products will continue to be sold under the Datasat Digital Entertainment brand and manufactured by ATI in its plant in Montebello, Calif., as well as its existing manufacturer in Moorpark, Calif.

At the CEDIA 2017 show in San Diego September 6-9, 2017, the company will demonstrate the combined brands in booths that will showcase each brand’s offerings. The demos will also showcase the way CE pros can integrate them into their client’s systems to boost performance and deliver an immersive and impressive entertainment experience. ATI, Theta, BGW and Datasat can be found in booth #3335. Datasat products will also be used to drive demonstrations by PMC at Sound Room 13, RBH at Sound Room 3 and at the Dynaudio suite.

ATI was founded in 1993 by legendary amp designer Morris Kessler. The company features the ATI, BGW and Theta Digital brands. Amplifier Technologies also provides OEM solutions and products that are custom designed for many well-known audio companies.

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