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A Masterclass in Software: Why You Should Attend Total Tech Summit 2020

Total Tech Summit 2020 will help competitive, foward-thinking integration firms come together to solve some of the most prominent challenges in the space.

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A Masterclass in Software: Why You Should Attend Total Tech Summit 2020

Running any business can be complicated, but AV integration businesses seem to develop new nuances each year — especially in 2020. That’s why it is more important than ever before to consider the toughest questions facing firms today. The 2020 Total Tech Summit can help with that.

As Darrance Tezino, Director of Managed Services, DAS Divisions at MCA Communications puts it: “being able to extend and broaden your network with people in this industry is priceless.”

He’s one of the many speakers at this year’s TTS that aims to bring the toughest competition in the pro AV space together to solve the challenges facing AV businesses of all sizes today.

According to Tezino, “The value from this event is it allows like-minded competitors to take that competitive wall down. People here are challenged to answer questions without that competitive wall. We don’t often get opportunities like that to come together as a community.

The focus on software

One of those important topics for discussion at the event is software: where it’s going and why integrators need to get a handle on it sooner rather than later.

How does software add-in value for our customers? Where are the opportunities surrounding monitoring software? How can integrators add it to a scope or proposal and boost their channel of revenue?W

“Integrators sell products. Our customers are used to that,” Tezino says. “But now, with a real-time requirement for monitoring and automation, they also need to know more about how they can monitor that technology and how their existing systems can continue to do more for them.”

“The IT world is starting to see the difference between IT & AV, and the difference is getting smaller by the day. Some companies are decreasing their IT staff and starting to see some serious holes in how they operate. Applications are going to fill the void of decreased staff across markets, but especially in corporate settings.”

If you attend #TTS2020, be prepared to gain these and more insights into the future of running an audiovisual business.

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