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D-Tools Mobile Quote App Simplifies Proposals

New mobile app from D-Tools lets dealers create rough proposals before generating detailed plans for an integration system.

Julie Jacobson

D-Tools is best known for its sophisticated proposal and project management software used by thousands of residential and commercial systems integrators.

Creating a project and proposal for any given client is a big task, especially if clients don’t really know what they’re getting themselves into.

D-Tools has created the Mobile Quote app that lets dealers rough out a project and an estimate before time and money are wasted on a full-blown proposal.

Sitting down with the client, a dealer uses a tablet to walk through every space, noting potential locations for speakers, outlets, keypads and other electronic devices.

Together, the dealer and client can select price ranges based on the priority of any given room or subsystem, eventually arriving at a pretty good idea of a complete system and budget.

The app, which costs dealers $12 per month per device, is a complement to D-Tools SIX software. Images, products and other items loaded into the Mobile Quote can be ported automatically to SIX to jump-start a detailed project.

D-Tools demonstrated the app at the recent ISC West 2014 security conference. The company expects to release the software this month.

Tim Bigoness, VP sales and marketing for D-Tools, demonstrates the app in the video below.

Check out the press release on the following page.

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