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InfoComm Acting on Strategic Plan

Officials are making progress in workforce development, international expansion, and creating exceptional experiences.

InfoComm International executive director and CEO David Labuskes says officials are “moving forward on a lot of fronts” when it comes to its strategic plan, including increased international reach, enhanced workforce development opportunities and getting a handle on better ways to create exceptional experiences.

The association’s three-year plan also includes focuses on thought leadership, community expansion and engagement and leveraging the InfoComm brand.

“Each of these areas have direct operational plans and tactics in place today,” says Labuskes.

Almost every hire at InfoComm has been focused, he says, on expanding international training, certification and membership. InfoComm also has recently signed memorandums of understanding to work with education societies and technology managers in England, Australia and South Africa, says Labuskes.

InfoComm is looking to grow its international membership beyond the 30 percent figure it saw at the beginning of the year.

When it comes to workforce development, InfoComm recently formed a relationship with a higher ed institution to use InfoComm’s curriculum. Officials also went to the U.S. Engineering Fair to promote AV “as a career choice,” says Labuskes.

Hear more from Labuskes about the progress on the strategic plan:


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