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Keep Tabs on Your Business with 4 Pro Finance Apps

Track your expenses, business transactions and contract deadlines with your smart device.

Curtis Emery
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Intuit’s Quicken 2014 introduces a new tier of mobile functionality that is pushing what a mobile device can do for you. The movement from the mobile device as a utility to an intricate part of our involvement with technology offers up the mobile device as an efficient, single solution for most personal and professional technology that has come before it.

Professional expense tracking and accounting finance apps are great for handling your money. From personal purchases to invoice and contract management, these robust apps are tailored for you to use as your budget or business model sees fit.

The best expense apps offer comprehensive tagging, real-time population to keep your expenses up to date and complete control over categorization to make sure that your money is segregated as you see fit.

Photos: Check out finance apps to keep tabs on your business

Like conventional software companions, these mobile clients offer you the features you need to efficiently manage your expenses. However, unlike software solutions, these mobile clients let you stay on top of your expenses on the go, preventing you from spending time later to balance your finances. Plus, with on the go management you can make sure that you stay within budget without taking the chance of overspending.

Also, with invoice management, many of these apps let you track your expenses as well as the expenses of those you are working with. This means you receive your payments on time and allows you to take the appropriate steps towards following up with professional contracts and keeping your business expenses organized.

The following slideshow features some of the best professional mobile expense and finance apps on the market. These are standalone apps that do not require software companions. However, these apps can be synced with some of your favorite, trustworthy financial software.

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