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MyerEmco v2.0 Acquires Aegis Technologies, Adds Commercial Integration

Integration firm MyerConnex, founded by Jon Myer of the former MyerEmco, acquires Aegis Technologies and expands commercial and security coverage.

Julie Jacobson

Founded in 2010 by Jon Myer, MyerConnex in Gaithersburg, Md., is version 2.0 of the once-giant A/V retailer MyerEmco.

Now Myer is looking at v3.0 with the acquisition of Sterling, Va.-based Aegis Technologies, a 20-year-old integration firm covering Western Virginia.

Myer told CI sister publication CE Pro the two companies are “almost perfectly aligned” in terms of geography, product lines and markets.

“MyerConnex is strong in the D.C. metro, primarily the suburbs of Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac and Northwest Washington,” he says. “Aegis is really strong in Middleburg, Upperville, Loudon and Prince William counties where I never went as MyerConnex. So we have certainly expanded our service footprint.”

The two companies are “pretty identical” in size, according to Myer, with MyerConnex at 12 employees and Aegis at 13.

“I pick up a second office in Sterling, Va., and I also pick up some really good techs,” he says.

More than that, however, MyerConnex expands its business footprint with the acquisition, adding security and commercial integration into its portfolio.

“We did the deal primarily to get back into security,” Myer says, noting that Aegis has about 1,000 monitored accounts.

Of those accounts, he says, “About 7 percent are commercial, which I like – a very low-turnover, high-service model.”

In terms of product offerings, Aegis installs Savant and Crestron in mostly high-end homes and commercial buildings. MyerConnex focuses on more mainstream control systems such as Control4, RTI and URC.

“That really helps my product offerings,” Myer says.

In a press release, he explains: “Aegis gets us back into the security business, and adds to our capabilities to do boardrooms, executive suites and other projects in business and commercial environments. They’ve also been responsible for some of the finest residential audio/video and home automation installations in the mid-Atlantic region.”

Both companies will maintain their own corporate identities.

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