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AV Giving Is More Important Than Ever in Times of Crisis

AV Gives Back, AVIXA Women’s Council, Diversity Council, Young AV Professionals Council just a few examples of philanthropy across the AV industry.

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AV Giving Is More Important Than Ever in Times of Crisis

We’ve written a lot in the last eight months-plus about the philanthropic work being done across the AV industry in our Connected to the Community series and it’s great to know that the good deeds people all along the AV landscape is continuing and perhaps even picking up steam in this time of crisis for many.

A recent InfoComm 2020 Connected session highlighted the importance of this aspect of the industry through examples from three of the leaders of the movement: AV Gives Back founder George Fournier, AVIXA Women’s Council chairwoman Brandy Alvarado and Media Centric’s Mark DelGuidice.

The Women’s Council now boasts more than 40 chapters across the U.S. and the groups focus their giving back on organizations that help women succeed, says Alvarado.

That includes regional diaper drives, women’s shelters, food banks and Working Wardrobes, to name a few.

“It’s about women supporting women however we can,” says Alvarado, noting the councils are not restricted to female members.

More About AV Giving

The Independent Technical Services Council recently teamed up with several AVIXA manufacturers and integrators to outfit Ronald McDonald House locations in San Diego and Washington, D.C., with improved AV Technology, says DelGuidice.

“It’s a little overwhelming when you start to do something like this because of all the great charities out there,” he says. “These folks are running charities. They don’t know anything about technology on this level so anything you can do for them will be appreciated.

“Besides that, there’s the feeling you get from helping someone in need,” says DelGuidice.

Fournier knows the idea of having a corporate philanthropy offering can be overwhelming, but “you don’t need to reinvent the wheel,” he says. “Get involved with something that fits the company’s message.”

The AVIXA Diversity Council and Women’s Council along with the Young AV Professionals Council show AVIXA’s commitment to people from a variety of backgrounds and the importance of increasing the representation of those elements to the AV industry, says DelGuidice.

“It’s part of the goals of progress,” he says.

“How the AV Community Can Give Back in Times of Crisis” and all InfoComm 2020 Connected sessions are available through Aug. 21.

If you know about an AV or IT company doing something good who we should interview for the Connected to the Community series, email executive editor Craig MacCormack at

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