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Why the Largest AV Integrator Continues to Grow Each Year

The largest AV integrator, AVI-SPL, has a pattern of consistently dramatic growth. Here’s why they’ve once again made our Fast-Growing Firms list.

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Why the Largest AV Integrator Continues to Grow Each Year

AVI-SPL, the largest AV integrator with projected 2018 revenues of $805 million, is also among the 2018 fast-growing firms.

It’s easy to point to the H.I.G. Capital-owned company’s aggressive acquisition strategy and that it scooped up Sharp’s Audio Visual in 2017, but that’s a short-sighted assessment of AVI-SPL’s impressive year-over-year growth.

During a recent interview with CI, AVI-SPL CEO John Zettel talked about what he thinks sets his company apart from the pack, pointing to its dedication to innovation.

“Many people view integrators as being sort of robotic in what they do, but when you look at, through the years, the patents that we have held, when you look at the fact that the Symphony platform that we offer for our services, we’re a company committed to innovation and that speaks to the transformative nature of our company for the last 20 years and what we’ve been able to do.”

For CI’s Fast-Growing Firms coverage, we asked the largest AV integrator AVI-SPL for insight on its pattern of consistently dramatic growth. Nathan Legg offers his thoughts:

On UCC as a significant driver of growth …

Organizations are looking for this to create meaningful experiences for their employees and guests, so we’re seeing a new wave of growth with customers undergoing transformation to the next generation of UCC solutions.

This includes building bridges from legacy systems to new desktop experiences, or wholesale deployments of new meeting room solutions with a single technology stack and single user experience.

On need for standardization …

One trend that continues to drive our growth is the enterprise’s need for global standardization and all forms of managed services, including remote and on-site.

This led to the creation of our Global Accounts Management program, offering a hand-in-hand partnership throughout a multi-location and/or international project, as well as continued support after deployment.

On customer demand…

The demand to create more meaningful experiences is a significant contributor [to growth]. Organizations understand that collaboration technology is an important part of employee culture, talent acquisition and retention, and the customer experience.

All of which leads to improved company performance and better business outcomes. With this demand comes the desire for meeting room and technology standards that are easy to consume, deploy, use, and support so that employees can focus on business goals while IT focuses on innovation, not help desk support.

On accommodating growth …

The demand for an easy solution for standardized meeting room deployments led AVI-SPL to the development of our meeting room as-a-service offering Rapid Rooms.

This is a strategic system that optimizes meeting room deployment by intelligently recognizing organizational needs and matching them with the most suitable AV and UC technology, in ready-to-order bundles, including hardware, software, and managed service contract wrapped into one, fixed, monthly fee.

We will always continue to adjust to meet our customers’needs. This was a major factor when we decided to create our Customer Advisory Board.

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