NSCA BLC 2020 Preview: How AV Leaders Can Build a Culture of Good

Author Ryan McCarty will focus his NSCA Business & Leadership Conference keynote on the ways leaders should inspire others.

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NSCA BLC 2020 Preview: How AV Leaders Can Build a Culture of Good

Of course, when you’re running a business, one of the most important aspects of moving the company forward is making enough money to bring your dreams—and those of your customers—to life.

But there’s a lot more to running a successful business than that, says Ryan McCarty. Business leaders today should be thinking about what they can do to inspire their employees, customers and communities by building what he calls a “culture of good.”

McCarty will share those insights with NSCA Business & Leadership Conference attendees Feb. 26-28 in Irving, Texas.

“Where we’re headed is going to require a far greater level of agility,” said McCarty in a pre-conference call with NSCA staffers. “We need to create compelling reasons to want to work with us—and for us—for the long term.”

Creating a Culture of Good

Business leaders in all industries should try to operate with what McCarty calls “the soul of a non-profit.” That transformation, he says, could “drive your business toward greater success.”

“You can leverage your daily work to discover your life calling by making the world better and meeting the needs of others – while still making a profit,” says McCarty.

He’ll share a handful of ways today’s AV business leaders can create a Culture of Good in their organizations.

“We should share the value of who we are as people,” says McCarty. “A lot of times, there’s a gap in knowing what the challenges are and what the solutions should be. We need to resync what we do with a greater sense of ‘why?’

“None of us want to just go through life and feel like we don’t have a sense of purpose,” he says.

Before business execs can lead their teams through change, though, they need to understand how to do it for themselves, says McCarty.

“How do we use our existing resources to create a greater good? The move toward being more agile and open to change is all about leadership,” he says.

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