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Tigerpaw: Get More Work Done Without Adding Staff

Tigerpaw’s proven process for software implementation helps guide integrators through a much easier adoption process.

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Implementing software can be intimidating and challenging. That’s why Tigerpaw has focused much of its energy on making that implementation process smooth using its proven processes.

“One of the mistakes I see made typically by smaller integrators is that they have this weird process, and they want to just buy some kind of software tool that will automate their weird process,” says James Foxall, president and CEO at Tigerpaw. “The real value in Tigerpaw or any of our competitors is we’ve distilled down industry best practices into the software, so you don’t want to just use our software to do what you’ve been doing, you want to use our software to do what you’ve been doing better.”

Foxall says that for 37 years the company has developed its proven process.

“We start in the sales cycle focusing on the business challenges and the desired outcomes. We’re going to help you decide what are the key areas you need to focus on, what are your biggest pain points, where are the biggest places you’re hemorrhaging money? And then, as you become a customer you actually go through a process. The first thing we do is we assign you to an implementation coordinator. You literally have a human being that is your guide who is going to be having regular phone calls with you and providing resources to you. The goal is not to sell software, but to get you using it. So we’ve invested in that implementation coordinator to help you with all the additional resources. We have an online academy called Tigerpaw Academy and all of your employees have access to it. They can register for classes, they take quizzes and tests, pass them along as a manager and assign them so you can make sure your people are truly getting educated.”

Tigerpaw also offers an “ask the experts” time every week where users can ask questions. They can also attend a Master Class every month, and offer a deep dive online training class periodically.

“We’ve got an entire online forum and community, and we have an 800 phone number for support. All that is wrapped up with the implementation coordinator, who is going to hand you off to a customer advocate who becomes your lifelong partner with Tigerpaw,” he adds.

That implementation process if vital right now because Foxall notes that finding and keeping employees is one of the biggest challenges for businesses in 2021, and this trend isn’t likely to end anytime soon.

“That makes growing your business and providing the level of customer service you want harder than ever,” he says. “This is the time to take a good look at your processes and figure out how to do more with less. A business automation software solution like Tigerpaw is designed to make your business run more efficiently, improving your bottom line and protecting your company from productivity drains if staffing levels shift.”

He says that by reducing or eliminating manual paperwork and data entry, dealers can free up employees to take on higher-level tasks. All information is stored in the same system, which means no more reconciling spreadsheets or entering the same data in multiple places. Automated invoicing and payment processing get your business paid fast, and a robust inventory management system keeps track of items and their value wherever they are. 

“I sometimes hear from business owners that ‘We don’t have time to implement a new system.’ Really, the time it takes to improve operational efficiencies pays for itself many times over. For example, Tigerpaw customers have been able to use our software to move from billing 50% of technicians’ time to 80%, which can easily result in over $300,000 in increased revenue from increased billing hours.  

“At Tigerpaw, our goal is to help people run better businesses, and we have a proven process that makes that happen,” he adds.