Why You Need to Take the 2020 CI/NSCA State of the Industry Survey

Annual snapshot of the systems integration industry is nothing without your help. Take a few minutes to let us know how things are now and what you expect.

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Why You Need to Take the 2020 CI/NSCA State of the Industry Survey

As you might expect from your own experiences with your own systems integration business, we’ve seen all kinds of things in our annual State of the Industry survey.

From the 2012 report that called for a return to profitability to a sense of vulnerability in 2013, evolution in 2014, relentlessness in 2015, acceleration in 2016, indecision in 2017, consolidation in 2018 and profitability problems in 2019, it’s been quite a roller-coaster ride.

And there’s only one way for us to know what to expect in 2020—with your help.

We know we can always count on CI readers to give their honest feedback on what they think about the things we write about, the things we don’t cover and the way things are going in their industry.

We hope you’ll take about 10 minutes to answer this year’s questions, most of which you’ve seen before if you’ve taken the CI/NSCA State of the Industry survey in previous years.

We’ve added a few wrinkles this year, though, with questions on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, acquisitions and private equity.

Help Us Shape the 2020 State of the Industry

We’ll publish the results of the survey in our January 2020 issue and we hope we can count on you to help us determine the State of the Industry for the next 12 months, even if economists can’t decide whether we’ll see a recession before we get to 2021.

If you’re not motivated enough to take the survey for the simple reason of helping us to understand what to expect in the systems integration world in the next 12 months, maybe you’ll be inspired to take the survey because you could win an Amazon gift card.

And, who knows? We might use some of your answers in our State of the Industry coverage in the January issue.

Thanks as always for your support of Commercial Integrator and for your years of helping us outline the State of the Industry for the coming year. We can’t wait to see what you say is coming next year.

Click here to take the 2020 CI/NSCA State of the Industry survey.


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