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Shure Discontinuing Microflex Wired

Shure To Discontinue Microflex Complete Wired Conference System, Looks Instead to Wireless

Integrators still working with the wired system can still order the solution up to Nov. 30, and support will continue through May 2024.

AES Audio Product Education Institute Explores Intellectual Property Issues Across Production Chain

AES hosts sessions on IP protection, counterfeiting and authentication to discuss challenges and strategies in manufacturing audio products.

ClearOne Aura Cameras and Mics Help Styx Bassist Ricky Phillips Maximize Online Engagement and Collaboration

Veteran musician upgrades Austin, Texas, home studio with remote collaboration tools and for fan outreach, performances and revenue.

Company Culture, corporate technology

2 Key Insights Into Your Corporate Tech Clients

Integrators in the corporate technology market should remember these two ways they can maximize their value to clients in that space.

Control4 Automation San Diego Portside Pier

Control4 System Automates San Diego’s New Waterfront Restaurants

A new Control4 automation system installed at San Diego’s new 1,100-seat Portside Pier, completely reimagines how restaurant staff operates.

Super Bowl Audio Halftime Show

What Was Up With The Super Bowl Halftime Show Audio?

If you’re a Tom Brady fan, the Super Bowl was fun to watch. If you’re an audio fan, the halftime show was not.

Vans Showcase store Harman

HARMAN Retail Enhances Immersive Audio Experience at Vans Brand Showcase Store

The new retail audio system at the two-floor Vans Brand Showcase Store features JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers and dbx zone processors

Hotel Kakola

Genelec Delivers RAW Experience Behind Bars in Former Prison-Turned-Hotel

Hotel Kakola preserves some Finnish history with nods to its former life as prison but adds modern AV touches to deliver unrivaled experience.

Conferencing Audio

In The Hybrid Work Future, Audio Conferencing Quality Will Be Critical

Transcription services and asynchronous collaboration will help organizations shift to hybrid work, but that will require excellent audio.

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