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Q-SYS logo.

Q-SYS Adds Zero-Bezel AcousticDesign Series Loudspeakers; Expands Network I/O Peripherals

Q-SYS’ network I/O peripherals will enhance solution flexibility while the zero-bezel AcousticDesign loudspeakers will ensure premium performance.

MSolutions MS-63U1C product poster.

MSolutions Launches MS-63U1C Extender Set for USB 3.2 Transport

The MS-63U1C, a new extender set, supports higher data transfer rates required for streaming video and high-resolution content.

Norman Hotel during daylight.

Kramer Technology Raises The Bar At Norman Hotel With TV System Upgrade

Kramer’s technology solutions helped transform the TV viewing and entertainment inside the heritage-listed Norman Hotel in Brisbane, Australia.

Pavion's Lobby in Raleigh, North Carolina 1 utilizes K-array KSCAPE light and sound technology

Pavion Incorporates K-array’s KSCAPE RAIL Sound + Light Technology At Raleigh Office

KSCAPE RAIL is at the heart of the integrators’ Raleigh office AV system, ensuring consistent sound and light coverage in all areas.

GPO Display Wall Calibrator tool.

GPO Display Offers Wall Calibrator Tool for LCD Videowalls

The Wall Calibrator provides an easy and user-friendly solution for maintaining consistent color and brightness across all displays in a videowall.

Extron Quantum IN4FOX3 and OUT4FOX3 fiber optic cards.

Extron Introduces Quantum IN4FOX3 and OUT4FOX3 Series

Extron launched the Quantum Ultra II fiber optic cards for delivering end-to-end secure videowall systems.

Patty Wanzer from Synigize Sales joins the Commercial Integrator #AVLivingLegends

Synigize Sales’ Patty Wanzer: AV Living Legends #32

Patty Wanzer from Synigize Sales is the latest addition to the Commercial Integrator #AVLivingLegends series, spotlighting AV superstars.

WCU learning stairs videowall Ribbon Cutting 2

Best Higher Education Project: IMS’ Eye-Catching Learning Stair Videowall at West Chester University

IMS installed a stunning videowall in a stairwell at Wester Chester University, enhancing campus experience and promoting technology.

Absen Revel Media Group Logos

Absen & Revel Media Group Seal Sports Market Deal

Absen and Revel Media Group’s partnership is poised to transform the U.S. sports market with innovation throughout all territories.

Command and Control Center utilizing Barco displays and Winsted Controls

Futureproofing Control Room Operations in the Face of a Changing Environment

CI chats with Datapath and Winsted on command-and-control-center trends, common pain points and futureproofing operations.