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NSCA Committees

Hey AV Integrators: You Aren’t In This Alone

The pro AV industry needs to do a better job of leveraging the wealth of resources at industry groups like NSCA and AVIXA.

Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Releases Math Solver App, But Should They?

Need help with math problems? A new Microsoft app will solve equations for you, but does it belong in the classroom?

Bitcoin Burger King

Burger King Customers in Venezuela Can Now Pay with Bitcoin—Or Can They?

Venezuela-based Burger King restaurants have a Bitcoin partnership that could open more possibilities for cryptocurrency as acceptable forms of payment.

Corporate Social Responsibility,

Your Company Can Do Some Good Despite These Crazy Political Times

The business world is picking up the slack from the world’s leaders and bettering the world. The AV community is uniquely positioned to help.

AV Education

Schools Want To Help You Find Qualified AV Workers

Educators are great at helping fill the talent gaps in any given industry, but AV integrators have to take the initiative and start the conversation.

One Minute on the Internet

Diving Deeper into One Minute on the Internet—and What It Means to You

Even if you’re not doing any of these things, the message from “One Minute on the Internet” is there’s lots of info out there & you have to figure out how to use it.

Business Travel

Business Travel Coming Up? Here Are Four Things You Can Do To Keep Yourself Energized

AV integrators sure love to travel for work! Here are some things you can do to prevent travel burnout while on the road at trade shows and conferences.

Remote Workers

Here’s Why Kansas City is the Best Place for Remote Workers

Now, it’s time to encourage company leaders to allow their employees to work remotely—or at least to stop making them feel guilty when they do it.

Facial Recognition investing

Be Wary Of Investing Too Heavily In Facial Recognition

Recent legislative bans and criticisms of facial recognition technology should give integrators pause when they consider offering it to customers.