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The Need for Research

Some key insights about the importance of research and how to embrace the concepts of target customers, target marketing and target sales.


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Group of business partner looking for the future with network digital effect, MSPs and IT Professionals

MSPs and IT Professionals Assess AV Integration

Thought leaders from The ASCII Group evaluate AV integrators’ readiness to tackle network deployments, enterprise-grade cybersecurity standards and more.

Music portable speaker is charged from the power bank via usb on a deck chair near the pool with beach accessories.

Anywhere Audio: Portable and Powered Speaker Solutions

Portable and powered speaker solutions are transforming how we hear. That means we in commercial AV can now experience “Anywhere Audio.”

Diverse Office: Portrait of Talented Indian Girl IT Programmer Working on Desktop Computer in Friendly Multi-Ethnic Environment. Female Software Engineer Wearing Glasses Develop Inspirational App

Why Become a Master Systems Integrator?

Integrators should recognize revenue opportunities around positioning themselves as a master systems integrator that is incredibly relevant and vital to customers as their needs evolve.

tangled wire rack with sign that says stay away as an example of best #AVFail.

The Best #AVFails of 2022

The best of the best #AVFails that commercial AV integrators have seen this year. Can you IMAGINE leaving a rack like that?

Holography image showing a digital human.

Filling the ‘Interaction Void’

Holography, virtual reality and augmented reality are making major inroads in everything from collaboration to brand advertising.

man unloading boxes out of truck with walkie-talkie in hand

Sizing Up 2023 for the AV Industry

Considering supply-chain woes, the ascendance of software, the move to interoperability and other factors that will shape the year ahead.

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AV Integrators Should Be in ‘Control’

In an era when ‘good enough’ is simply not, integrators should seize the opportunity to deliver a superior experience through a systems-design approach.

Group of young people in big office have a meeting and discussing company stats and sheets

5 Recurring-Revenue Action Steps

You already understand the value of RMR to your company, but it’s not as easy as flipping a switch. Start with these five action steps.

Digital cybersecurity and network protection

What Do You Do When Clients Decline Security Services?

ITSPs must try to help clients make informed, smart decisions about protecting their organization from cybersecurity threats.