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Impact of Video Conference Report

American Workers Taking Video Calls on Vacation—and in the Bathroom

Lifesize ‘Impact of Video Conference Report’ reveals habits of American workers, who are increasingly relying on video conferencing to do business.

rentable solar panels

Rentable Solar Panels Are Pretty Cheap Now, Should You Use Them?

These Tesla rentable solar panels are fairly inexpensive. Is it time for AV businesses to start thinking about if they could benefit?

Headphone Jack

Hit the Road, Headphone Jack! Actually, I Don’t Mean That At All

The disappearance of the headphone jack from most smartphones has me wondering if I’ll ever upgrade my iPhone, which has already outlived its useful life.

5G network security

If the U.S. Government is Hesitant About 5G Network Security, Should Integrators Be Nervous, Too?

5G network security is a concern right now with the U.S. government surrounding the infrastructure products made by Huawei. Should integrators worry?

cell phone habits

Cell Phone Habits of American Workers Should Repulse You—But They Probably Won’t

If you don’t think we’ve got an addiction to our cell phone habits, these stats might convince you otherwise. Nothing, it seems, is more important.

VR Is Being Designed for an Aging Population Because It Can Help Them

VR designed to help the elderly will certainly be a boon in a world where there will soon be more baby boomers than children.

business communications

When It Comes to Business Communications, We’re Hiding Behind A Digital Wall

Digital business communications like email and text are not ideal for getting the whole message across. But how do we break digital habits?

Be Careful What You Say About Your Former Employer

You never know who’ll be on the other side of that resume you send. Even if you don’t know the company and they don’t know you, there might be a connection.

Email Etiquette

Thank You All for Ignoring My Rudeness: My Take on Email Etiquette

Senior web editor Adam Forziati outlined the importance of email etiquette in a blog this week. I take exception to one of the main tips by his source.