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Man in blue shirt reading a book, book picks for integrators

More Book Picks for Integrators

Control Concepts’ team shares top book recommendations that can empower AV stakeholders and integrators to run their businesses better. 

cyber security awareness training

Best Practices for Security-Awareness Training

Companies tend to their antivirus software diligently. It’s equally, if not more, important to tend to your ‘human firewall.’

Poster of paper silhouettes symbolizing gender diversity.

Control Concepts Champions Gender Diversity and Equity

Control Concepts has showcased not only its commitment for improving gender diversity in AV, but also its action toward said commitment.

Dr. Chris Kuehl speaking at NSCA BLC 2023.

NSCA BLC Blog #2: Have We Avoided a Recession?

At NSCA BLC 2023, attendees left Dr. Chris Kuehl’s talk feeling more confident about our collective prospects regarding the economic situation.

During NSCA BLC, Dave Crenshaw revealed the ills of "switch-tasking."

NSCA BLC Blog #1: How Integration Leaders Can Reclaim Their Time

At NSCA BLC 2023, integration business leaders learned from Dave Crenshaw that multitasking is really “switch-tasking” — and it’s bad.

Cory Schaeffer headshot.

Veteran AV Industry Members #3: Cory Schaeffer

Cory Schaeffer, an icon in the AV industry, speaks on being inspired and inspiring others, as well as her commitment to championing women.

market trends for 2023, Businessman calculating financial data for long term investments. Analytical businessman planning business growth 2023 with future economic growth arrow

Key Indicators of What’s to Come in 2023

Need some reliable data to create better projections for an unpredictable year? NSCA’s Electronic Systems Outlook will help.

A glimpse at the modern office that is just around the corner.

The Modern Office: Simplicity at Scale

Redesigning the modern office for the way that people work today might not be easy, but it’s a mission we must embrace.

Marla Suttenberg headshot.

Veteran AV Industry Members #2: Sapphire Marketing’s Marla Suttenberg

A legendary name in commercial AV manufacturer representation, Marla Suttenberg reflects on her career and values.

Quality assurance is the foundational key to ensuring clients get the systems they paid for.

Hitting the Mark with Quality Assurance

QA is how to ensure that you get what you need (and what you purchased) in this complex age of integration.