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Why You Should Pay Attention to AV as a Service

Many in the AV integration world have been talking about AVaaS for years. The problem is some don’t even realize it. What’s the future of AV as a Service?

CCS New England

Founding CCS New England Was No Easy Task

Launching CCS New England 20 years ago solved challenges for Cheryl & Chris Gamst’s young family — then they found their business family in the CCS network.

Are You Installing Collaboration Technology? Take our Survey!

We want to learn more about how integrators sell collaboration technology. Take our quick survey for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

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Pitching Video Projection to House of Worship Customers: 5 Discussion Points

Selling church projectors starts with good pitches. Here are five discussion points for pitching video projection to house of worship customers.

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Almo E4 Experience 10 Year Anniversary Kicks Off Fall Lineup

With stops in the NY Metro Setpember 25th and Atlanta on October 15th, Almo Pro A/V is ready to celebrate its 10-year anniversary of the Almo E4 AV Tour.

Jim Caldwell, Maximus AV

Jim Caldwell Started Maximus AV with No Formal AV Training

Jim Caldwell’s Maximus AV has made a name for itself in the Pueblo, Colo., region he’s spent most of his life – proving the value of finding one’s niche.

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Audio Visual Jobs of the Week August 16: Service Technician, Project Manager, Rack Systems Installer & More

Looking for work in Pro AV? Check out the latest listings for audio visual jobs: Service Technician, Project Manager, Rack Systems Installer & more.

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How Business Leaders at Different Firms become Friends: Episode 68 of AV+

Dan Schmidtendorff of Communication Company & Ray Bailey of Lone Star are great examples of when AV competition can help, not hinder, each other.

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With 40 Years In Commercial AV, Here Are My Predictions for Internet of Things, Wi-Fi 6, and 5G

Commercial AV business need to have in-practice understanding of the Internet of Things, Wi-Fi 6, and 5G if they want to succeed in the future.