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selling managed services

The Service Desk: Basics of Selling Managed Services

Cyberthreats make it more important for integrators to stay in constant comms with clients & networked systems. Selling managed services will help.

Sonos Ending Support

Sonos To End Support For Legacy Products

Sonos is ending support and support for legacy products in May and urging customers to upgrade to modern products. What does this mean for integrators?

Mobile Technology Showroom

Stampede Mobile Technology Showroom Drives Sales and Strengthens Reseller Relationships

Stampede kicks off 2020 Mobile Technology Showroom tour in southern California March 2-13, with more dates to be added soon.

employee personal lives

Today’s Leaders Must Understand Employees Have Personal Lives Outside the Office

Today’s tech-centric work environment means employees should have the freedom to work wherever and whenever necessary—but some leaders don’t agree.

Integrated Systems Europe, pro AV global

Pro AV is Going Global, Whether You’re Ready or Not

Integrators are facing the choice of whether follow their customers globally or risk losing out. Integrated Systems Europe & others are responding, too.

Instagram captions

What if You Could Warn Customers about Tech Misuse the Same Way Instagram Warns of Offensive Captions?

AI is being used keep social media users from slipping up on Instagram captions. How long until we see it help AV clients stay on-track with tech?

ISE 2020, ISE 2020 training

ISE 2020 Training & Certification Opportunities for AV Installers

Use this guide to ISE 2020 training and certification opportunities if you’re hoping to do more than network and gawk at new AV technology during the show.

5 Ways Hiring a Subcontractor for your Labor Needs Empowers You to Achieve More

Subcontracting is a great way to build and grow your business.

Don’t Forget Martin Luther King’s Message for the Other 364 Days Each Year

Civil rights advocate urged people to continue moving forward no matter what obstacles they faced. How can you apply that to your business?