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Thumbs Down on Facebook’s Plan to Adjust Employee Salaries Based on WFH Plans

Mark Zuckerberg will give Facebook employees the choice: work in the office when pandemic ends or expect salary adjustment based on geography.

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AV Services? There’s Now an App for That: Episode 106 of AV+

On episode 106 of AV+, we speak with the founder of AV Hero, an on-demand AV services app bringing the gig economy to the audiovisual industry.

E4 Evolution

AV Integrators Embrace Changes Ahead in ‘New Abnormal’ Post-Coronavirus

Almo E4 Evolution panelists say videoconferencing will remain crucial and working from home will become the norm after COVID-19 dissipates.

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AVIXA Members Protecting Themselves in Return to AV Installation Work

Three-quarters of COVID-19 Impact Survey respondents wearing masks on job sites, two of five doing extra cleaning and reducing staff on project locations.

Resimercial AV Marketing

Breaking into the Commercial AV Space with ‘Resimercial’ Marketing

Despite the trendiness of social media marketing, integrators looking to make a splash in the burgeoning resimercial market may want to adopt a more old-school approach.

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AV News to Know May 22, 2020: New Products, Cool Projects and People in New Places

In this week’s edition: Tools to enhance post-pandemic outbreak living, enhancing shelter-in-place compliance and d&b product warranty extension.

Employees COVID-19

Start Planning to Welcome Back Those Furloughed Workers

There is a large talent pool that is just waiting to get back to work once economies start reopening and revenues return to pre-coronavirus levels.

Getting Back to Business with Herman Integration Services

Scaling your AV labor resources is a strategic advantage.

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Opportunities for Integrators Reselling Software

Partnering with software companies can provide add-ons to sell to clients, and introduce recurring revenue offerings to your portfolios.

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