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Fast-Growing Firms, AV firms

Fast-Growing Firms Don’t Have to Be the Industry Giants. Do You Qualify?

CI will highlight some of the AV firms that are finding success in unique ways and on a successful path that’s reflected in their growth.

AV Experience Awards, Vergauwen Scholarships, AVIXA award, AVIXA CTS, AVIXA Certification, free infocomm

AVIXA Launches AV Experience Awards As Part of InfoComm 2020 Kickoff

AV Experience Awards ‘celebrate the ability of AV technology to expand human capabilities or to excite, inspire or enhance an experience.’

Be Careful What You Say About Your Former Employer

You never know who’ll be on the other side of that resume you send. Even if you don’t know the company and they don’t know you, there might be a connection.

Ozobot, NSCA Pivot to Profit

NSCA Pivot to Profit Attendees Can Code Ozobots for Dallas-Area Boys and Girls Clubs

NSCA Pivot to Profit attendees invited to join a pre-conference activity that will code 8 Ozobot Evo model robots for Boys and Girls Club members.

Email Etiquette

Thank You All for Ignoring My Rudeness: My Take on Email Etiquette

Senior web editor Adam Forziati outlined the importance of email etiquette in a blog this week. I take exception to one of the main tips by his source.

Planning, Installing AV Systems

Understanding the Power of Planning When Installing AV Systems of Any Size

Johnson Controls gets involved with its system installation clients—no matter how big or small—at the design phase so there are few surprises along the way.

Coding Institutes

Panasonic Working with Hispanic Heritage Foundation on Coding Institutes

Panasonic coding institutes will expand from company’s North American headquarters in Newark to Reno, Atlanta and Calexico, Calif.

pro AV podcast

Our 5 Favorite Moments from Pro AV Podcast, AV+

We take a tour through some of our favorite moments of AV+, our pro AV podcast, to give those who aren’t subscribed yet a reason to.

Yamaha UC, E4 Experience, Almo E4 AV Tour

Yamaha UC Expands Distribution Presence in North America With Almo Professional A/V

Yamaha Unified Communications’ decision to pair with Almo part of a companywide effort to expand its brand rooted in UC, audio and video solutions.